The Best Features on My Quantum Power Wheelchair

I’ve been using a wheelchair ever since I was a little girl, so I know what I like and dislike about power chair technology. When the time came for me to get a new power chair, I knew what I wanted because of all the features the chair offered. We all have our favorite features,Continue reading “The Best Features on My Quantum Power Wheelchair”

Why I Love the Backup Camera on My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair

Last year I got the backup camera on my Quantum Rehab Wheelchair and it was a real game changer. I love how much I can do with it and I have used it in unexpected ways! Here are five things I love about the backup camera. Different Setup Options on My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair TheContinue reading “Why I Love the Backup Camera on My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair”

3 Reasons Why You Need Quantum’s Wheelchair Backup Camera

There may be other backup cameras on the market, but none like the authentic Quantum backup camera. Don’t fall for imposters! Here are three reasons why you need this wheelchair backup camera. This Wheelchair Backup Camera Promotes Safety With a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees, the wheelchair backup camera allows consumers to see what’sContinue reading “3 Reasons Why You Need Quantum’s Wheelchair Backup Camera”

The Awesome Backup Camera on My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair

As I set up my first Quantum Rehab Wheelchair this time last year, there were several decisions to make. What color should I choose for the base? What about the wheels? Which side should I mount my joystick? At the time, the Quantum backup camera was a relatively newer option, and I was excited toContinue reading “The Awesome Backup Camera on My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair”

Understanding Wheelchair Cushions

A complex rehab power wheelchair is designed to meet the user’s medical and quality-of-life needs and provide greater independence. The power wheelchair needs to be fitted to the individual and it needs to be comfortable. There are many components that can be found on a complex rehab power wheelchair, including seating and electronics, wheelchair cushionsContinue reading “Understanding Wheelchair Cushions”

Backup Camera for Wheelchair Users

Accessibility and safety are just two of the most common challenges wheelchair users face. Individuals with mobility issues deserve to live full, busy and active lives. There are many tools and technologies out there that can help. From iLevel® Power Adjustable Seat Height to front and rear LED fender lights, Quantum wheelchair users enjoy greaterContinue reading “Backup Camera for Wheelchair Users”

Madonna Long: Back Up is the Way to Go

Living in Wyoming has been amazing, although the weather at times can be a bit treacherous. My Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair takes it all in stride and helps get me on my way safely. Last week, I went down to Salt Lake City to see my provider and they installed my new Quantum® backup camera.Continue reading “Madonna Long: Back Up is the Way to Go”

The Best Rear View Camera for Wheelchair Users

As a power wheelchair user, you may struggle with seeing what’s behind you, especially if you have limited mobility in your neck, back or shoulders. While we all wish we had eyes in the back of our heads, there is an easier solution. The backup camera from Quantum Rehab® is a great accessory for yourContinue reading “The Best Rear View Camera for Wheelchair Users”

Where to Buy Quantum Wheelchair Accessories

Quantum Rehab® works with dealers across the country and around the world that sell power wheelchair accessories. Finding a dealer near you is simple and we break down the process for you in this article. Buying Quantum Wheelchair Accessories Near You When you’re ready to browse or purchase power wheelchair accessories, you must contact yourContinue reading “Where to Buy Quantum Wheelchair Accessories”

Wheelchair Accessories Make Life Easier

Smart shopping requires thought before buying. It’s about making a purchase that is beneficial, whether for you or a loved one. Before investing in any added features to your power wheelchair, it’s important to know what they do and if they help you. Accessories are meant to aid or enhance the person using them. WhenContinue reading “Wheelchair Accessories Make Life Easier”