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Traveling with a wheelchair?

Discover the most accessible cities. Get tips on how to transport your power wheelchair on a plane. Learn from the travel experiences of Quantum brand ambassadors. Discover the most wheelchair-accessible restaurants and attractions. When you’re ready to travel, we’re here to help!

From traversing the Windy City to having a pint in Dublin, Ireland, from traveling on a plane to taking your motorized wheelchair on Amtrak, we offer a variety of tips, travel resources and first-hand accounts. Learn about some of the most wonderful and exciting places, all from the perspective of power wheelchair users. Looking for a specific topic? Check out the links below or browse our travel blog.

We Need More Accessible Transportation for Wheelchair Users

I am a wheelchair user, fighting for accessibility and transportation rights for disabled Americans. I write blogs and create social media posts to showcase living with a disability. I have been an advocate for transportation rights by contacting local politicians. I have many ideas to solve the transportation issues in the United States. Making transportationContinue reading “We Need More Accessible Transportation for Wheelchair Users”


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