Getting Outdoors in My Quantum Wheelchair

I have an unpopular question among the Disability Community. Where’s all the snow?! I live in Scranton, PA, (yes, home of “The Office”) and one thing about living there is that our summers are usually pretty hot, and our winters are typically gray, snowy and cold. I don’t love the cold. Having acquired a spinalContinue reading “Getting Outdoors in My Quantum Wheelchair”

Art for Equity Demonstrates the Need for Accessible Healthcare

The Raw Beauty Project is an art platform that celebrates women with disabilities. It’s based in Miami, Florida, where I lived for a few years in graduate school. I still miss the weather, the people, the food, and the fun! So, when Raw Beauty Project founders Wendy Crawford and Dr. Susan Solman contacted me aboutContinue reading “Art for Equity Demonstrates the Need for Accessible Healthcare”

The Best Advantages of Elevation in My Quantum Power Wheelchair

In my Quantum power wheelchair with iLevel technology, I enjoy being elevated, as it helps me complete daily tasks and be eye-to-eye with others. Although most of the time I’m raised in my wheelchair seat, there are occasions when I need to be in the lowered position. Public Speaking in My Power Chair During anyContinue reading “The Best Advantages of Elevation in My Quantum Power Wheelchair”

CMS Proposes Seat Elevation Rule

On February 15, 2023, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued its proposed decision on coverage for seat elevation technology, like iLevel. The proposed decision would allow coverage of seat elevation technology for individuals who perform weight bearing transfers. This means any person who uses a wheelchair and bears weight on their armsContinue reading “CMS Proposes Seat Elevation Rule”

Why My Quantum Power Wheelchair is Better Than a Manual Chair

So, I know people who use manual wheelchairs and people who use power chairs. I tend to get teased by my friends in manual wheelchairs because I use my Quantum power wheelchair a lot of the time. They think that pushing a manual wheelchair helps you stay in shape and you don’t get lazy. AndContinue reading “Why My Quantum Power Wheelchair is Better Than a Manual Chair”

Wheelchair Accessibility and Traveling to Boston

Recently, I took the Amtrak Downeaster train for a day trip to Boston with my family. I’d like to talk to you about my wheelchair accessibility experiences on the Amtrak train and the MBTA in the city. Taking the Amtrak Train Boarding the Amtrak train went smoothly. When I reserved our tickets online, they hadContinue reading “Wheelchair Accessibility and Traveling to Boston”

Disabled Students and Important Things To Know About College

College is a natural next step for many graduating high school seniors. College can offer many opportunities, social events, and educational paths. It is essential that you choose the right college that best suits your needs as a student and as a disabled individual. Whether you plan on attending a four-year university or a two-yearContinue reading “Disabled Students and Important Things To Know About College”

What to Know About a Feeding Tube

The week of February 6-10 is Feeding Tube Awareness Week and is officially recognized on the National Health Observances calendar each year. In this blog, I will talk about feeding tubes, a life-saving intervention, how a feeding tube saved my life and break down some of the myths associated with feeding tubes. What is aContinue reading “What to Know About a Feeding Tube”

Best Tips for Using a Wheelchair in Snow and Ice

Minnesota winter is in full swing! Our house is surrounded by icicles, snow and ice! While we outsource the job to plow the driveway, both my husband and I are full-time wheelchair users and for the first winter as home owners, we were pretty stuck. As winter takes over in Minnesota, the ground is coveredContinue reading “Best Tips for Using a Wheelchair in Snow and Ice”

Romantic Nights Out with My Quantum Wheelchair

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Many of us are considering who we will ask to be our Valentine, or if you have someone already, you may be considering what is the perfect romantic or sentimental gift. Having been in a relationship that became a marriage, I have learned that showing your love to thoseContinue reading “Romantic Nights Out with My Quantum Wheelchair”