3 Reasons Why You Need Quantum’s Wheelchair Backup Camera

There may be other backup cameras on the market, but none like the authentic Quantum backup camera. Don’t fall for imposters! Here are three reasons why you need this wheelchair backup camera.

This Wheelchair Backup Camera Promotes Safety

The Quantum wheelchair backup camera

With a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees, the wheelchair backup camera allows consumers to see what’s going on behind them. Whether you are reversing your power chair in the home, or you want to see cars and pedestrians coming up behind you when out and about, the Quantum backup camera is a great choice! It is available on most bases, seating, and electronics configurations.

There are multiple mounting options available for the camera itself. The display can be mounted off a chair’s armrest, siderails and other places. Optional controller display mounting brackets are also available. Plus, the camera has two settings: it can be left on all the time, or the camera turns on when a reverse command is given on the power wheelchair.

The Quantum Camera Provides Visibility at Night

The authentic Quantum backup camera offers infrared capabilities, allowing you to see at night or low-lit areas. During the winter months, power wheelchair users have appointments to attend and friends and family they need to see. If leaving the house after dark, the wheelchair backup camera provides peace of mind. Infrared capabilities are useful at home too! If you want to get a drink of water or use the bathroom, you can see furniture and walls and won’t have to worry about bumping into them.

The Quantum Backup Camera Helps You Keep Track of Pets

See your pets with the Quantum wheelchair backup camera
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Whether you are a cat or a dog owner, you want to know where they are at all times when operating your power wheelchair. The backup camera allows you to see your pets when reversing. You won’t worry about running over paws or tails ever again with this must-have wheelchair accessory. Thankfully, our pets do eventually become accustomed to wheels and eventually learn to move out of the way.

Testimonials About this Wheelchair Backup Camera

Don’t just take our word for it! You need to hear from other power wheelchair users like you who have first-hand experience with using the Quantum backup camera. While there are many uses for her backup camera, Kara especially likes that it can help her keep track of her kids when they’re out and about. Click to read Kara’s blog about the benefits of the Quantum camera.

Every consumer has different needs when it comes to seeing what’s going on behind them. Alison Chancellor loves using the wheelchair backup camera on her Stretto Power Chair to fully see her surroundings when outside in the city of St. Louis.

Are you ready to purchase the authentic Quantum backup camera? Contact your authorized dealer today!

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