How iLevel® on My Motorized Wheelchair Changed My Life

Every time I leave the house in my power wheelchair and people see me on the streets, they ask how my wheelchair elevates to iLevel. They always comment on how cool it is! What they don’t realize is how much iLevel on my Quantum® Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair has changed my life. Let me tellContinue reading “How iLevel® on My Motorized Wheelchair Changed My Life”

In the Kitchen with iLevel® Technology

I finally like cooking again! And it’s even more enjoyable for me with iLevel® technology on my Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair. Here are some of the ways that iLevel helps me in the kitchen. Saving Time When it comes to cooking, iLevel® technology is fantastic because it saves me time. It only takes me 15Continue reading “In the Kitchen with iLevel® Technology”

How to Jazz Up Your Wheelchair

If you’re anything like me, you see your wheelchair as an extension of your body. It’s a part of you, and you want it to reflect who you are, just as your clothes reflect who you are. Thankfully, when we order our wheelchairs, we can put a little bit of our personalities into them, suchContinue reading “How to Jazz Up Your Wheelchair”

Things I Can Do with My Edge 3 Wheelchair

I received my Edge® 3 Motorized Wheelchair with iLevel® technology on February 6, 2020.  California, where I live, was put under a shelter-in-place order on March 19, 2020. I have several disabilities and chronic illnesses that put me at very high risk for becoming critically ill if I contract COVID-19. So, I was essentially homeboundContinue reading “Things I Can Do with My Edge 3 Wheelchair”

Common Questions About iLevel®

When I’m rolling around in my Quantum power wheelchair at iLevel®, people take notice. Whether I’m running errands, roaming around a park, or hightailing through the city, doing so at iLevel definitely stops some people in their tracks. I like to think it’s because they simply haven’t seen such awesome technology in action. I imagineContinue reading “Common Questions About iLevel®”

Double the Access, Double the Fun!

When it comes to living their lives, twin brothers Albert and Alberto Diaz are not big on restrictions. Growing up in a home with three other siblings, the twins never felt different because of their limitations. “We are always researching and looking for ways to push further than what others may think are boundaries forContinue reading “Double the Access, Double the Fun!”

Matt Olson: Regaining His Edge

As an athlete, Matt Olson knows the everyday challenges that players and sports teams face on and off the field. Seeing this drive and determination gives Matt the resolve to overcome adversity in his own life. At just 20 years old, Matt sustained a spinal cord injury while playing ice hockey. “I lost my edgeContinue reading “Matt Olson: Regaining His Edge”

Taking a Leap of Faith

Dad, college professor, disability activist: these are just some of the roles that come naturally to Joe Stramondo. Thoughtful and dedicated, Joe is passionate about his family and his work as a scholar and educator and spends much of his free time advocating for and socializing with members of the disability community. Born with dwarfism,Continue reading “Taking a Leap of Faith”

Edge 3® with iLevel® Named Mobility Product Award 2019 Winner

Mobility Management magazine has named the Edge 3 Power Chair with iLevel® one of the 2019 winners of its inaugural Mobility Product Awards competition. The Edge 3 Power Chair with iLevel won in the “Wheelchairs, power — Group 3 (multiple power option) & Group 4” category. The awards honor outstanding product and technology development byContinue reading “Edge 3® with iLevel® Named Mobility Product Award 2019 Winner”

Edge 3 with 4.5 mph iLevel wins HME Business 2018 New Product Award

The Edge 3 with 4.5 mph iLevel® from Quantum Rehab® has been chosen as an HME Business 2018 New Product Award Winner. The Edge 3 with 4.5 mph iLevel won in the “Mobility – Power & Manual Wheelchairs” category. Quantum and other winners will receive awards and be recognized at the 2018 Medtrade Fall Expo in Atlanta,Continue reading “Edge 3 with 4.5 mph iLevel wins HME Business 2018 New Product Award”