My Awesome Experience at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl

Recently, I attended the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, N.C., at the Bank of America Stadium, which is home to the Carolina Panthers. I saw one of my favorite teams, the North Carolina Tarheels, take on the South Carolina Gamecocks in the battle of the Carolinas. Riding the Light Rail with My Power Wheelchair ToContinue reading “My Awesome Experience at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl”

Looking for a New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Recently, my neighbors bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is an SUV. The technology in this vehicle is insane. So, I’ve decided it is time for me to get a new vehicle. Currently, I have a 2019 Ford Explorer SUV. It is equipped with a conversion and a ramp that comes out the oneContinue reading “Looking for a New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle”

How My Love for Sewing Empowers Me

Sewing is something that has always been an interest of mine from a very young age. Almost everyone on my mother’s side of the family sewed or use to sew, at some point. I remember seeing both my aunt and my mother use my great grandmother’s old sewing machine. I believe that was the firstContinue reading “How My Love for Sewing Empowers Me”

How My Disability Affected My Holiday Plans This Year

The holidays are my favorite time of year. I love decorating, shopping for others and celebrating my family traditions, but my health had other plans this year. When I think about how my disability (cerebral palsy) impacts my everyday life, I often focus on the external barriers, such as inaccessibility and society’s view of disabilityContinue reading “How My Disability Affected My Holiday Plans This Year”

How I Made Friends from Around the World

Want to know what I love most about the weekends? I can play all the video games I want! I like to reconnect with my gaming friends online. The main rule my mom has is that I make sure all homework, makeup work and studying is completed for that week. She always says, “Cs are notContinue reading “How I Made Friends from Around the World”

Tips for Gift Giving at Christmas

The holidays are here! This time of year is awesome. People seem to be happier and kinder than usual. My favorite parts about Christmas are spending time with my family and giving gifts. For me, the gift giving is what I love most. I’m not big on receiving gifts. I mean, it’s nice to receiveContinue reading “Tips for Gift Giving at Christmas”

Holiday Light Displays in South Carolina, New York and Florida

This year for the holidays, I was fortunate to spend a week in South Carolina, Florida and finally ended up back in New York. During my trip, I noticed a lot of houses were decorated for Christmas. Growing up, my parents and I would take rides around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. SometimesContinue reading “Holiday Light Displays in South Carolina, New York and Florida”

How to Create Some New Holiday Traditions

When I was younger, it seemed like we spent more time, sometimes days, decorating together as a family. As a kid, we spent time at my aunt and uncle’s house. Decorating for the holidays was a huge thing. We spent a weekend and had a blast putting up decorations and drinking hot apple cider. WeContinue reading “How to Create Some New Holiday Traditions”

Fighting the Good Fight for the Disability Community

I was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the age of five. It continues to take from me. I cannot walk and the strength in my arms has decreased rapidly. Society’s gaze on the disabled has made the life of many even harder. I believe that members of the disabled community should have equal rights.Continue reading “Fighting the Good Fight for the Disability Community”

How to be Your Own Self Advocate

I am an employment specialist who supports people with disabilities. The number one skill I work on with consumers is self advocacy. Self advocacy is speaking up for yourself. It means having the ability and information to get what you want or need to be successful. It’s understanding what rights you have, who can assistContinue reading “How to be Your Own Self Advocate”