Some Questions I Get About My Edge 3 Power Chair with iLevel

You would think in this day and age, people would be used to seeing wheelchairs. With so many products out there, from manual chairs to mid-level power chairs to full-on power chairs, yet people still tend to stop and stare when they see one. Sometimes, they even ask questions about our wheelchairs. In my case,Continue reading “Some Questions I Get About My Edge 3 Power Chair with iLevel”

Top Issues Facing People with Disabilities and Personal Care Attendants

Like many people with disabilities, I rely on the support of personal care attendants to complete activities of daily living. These supports are vital for us to live our day-to-day lives, however, working as a personal care attendant is not an easy job. Personal care attendants should be treated with more respect. Hiring Personal CareContinue reading “Top Issues Facing People with Disabilities and Personal Care Attendants”

Meet My New Kitten, Billy!

In July 2022, we got a new addition to our family: a little, four-month-old baby kitten named Billy. My brother and I have been wanting a little kitty for over five years. While my dad was completely on board, my mom wasn’t. Caring for a disabled child is a lot of work in itself. OnContinue reading “Meet My New Kitten, Billy!”

What to Do When You Arrive at the Airport

In a previous blog, I shared tips on how to protect your wheelchair when traveling by plane. As much as one can plan and prepare to travel by air, as a wheelchair user the planning doesn’t stop when we get to the airport. In fact, what we do to ease potential travel woes when flyingContinue reading “What to Do When You Arrive at the Airport”

Three Reasons Why I Use My Stretto Power Chair

There’s many different medical conditions that people can have. They may rely on wheelchairs for independence, function, safety, and quality of life. Personally, I am a power wheelchair user for three different reasons. Here are some ways my Stretto with iLevel® technology helps me in my daily life. My Stretto Helps Me Conserve Energy The firstContinue reading “Three Reasons Why I Use My Stretto Power Chair”

Household Hacks for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities live in worlds (and often houses) that were not designed with them in mind. Out of what can be frustration and clunky attempts to make things work, emerges creative solutions, sometimes in the form of life hacks that make day-to-day tasks a bit easier. I’m a disabled mom of three who worksContinue reading “Household Hacks for People with Disabilities”

How to Protect Your Power Wheelchair When Traveling by Plane

The world seems to be picking back up again (not that there isn’t still a global pandemic). With that, summer vacationers are eager to get back in the swing of things and head out on planes, trains, and automobiles to make up for memories they may have missed over the past year or so. ForContinue reading “How to Protect Your Power Wheelchair When Traveling by Plane”

Where We Go from Here: The Americans with Disabilities Act

July 26, 2022, marks the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Every year, the disability  community celebrates this day because the ADA is a declaration of equality for people with disabilities. Much has changed for the better, with increased access and greater opportunities for disabled individuals. Yet, after 32 years, there is stillContinue reading “Where We Go from Here: The Americans with Disabilities Act”

Disabled Women Make History (and Art!)

To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Olmstead, my organization, Disability EmpowHer Network, collaborated with Toledo Museum of Art and the Ohio Olmstead Taskforce to create a really cool new event called Disabled Women Make History (and Art): A Celebration of the 23rd Anniversary of the Olmstead Decision! This fantastic event took place in the GlassContinue reading “Disabled Women Make History (and Art!)”

How to Go Above and Beyond the ADA

As a person with a disability, it doesn’t take long for me to look around an establishment and notice opportunities that can make life a little easier for those in a wheelchair. I noticed that when I was on the east coast and closer to metropolitan areas, various establishments had shown themselves to be aContinue reading “How to Go Above and Beyond the ADA”