Tell CMS to Approve Seat Elevation for All!

For years wheelchair users have been advocating for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to allow insurance coverage for seat elevation systems, like iLevel, in wheelchairs. In August 2022, CMS finally took action on this issue by opening up a comment period where wheelchair users and other advocates could provide open feedback to CMSContinue reading Tell CMS to Approve Seat Elevation for All!

Understanding Spine Injury ICD 10 Codes

According to the United Spinal Association, approximately 17,700 Americans acquire a spinal cord injury every year. Roughly 78 percent of those individuals are men, their average age is 43. Most spinal cord injuries happen due to a vehicle accident, falls, violence and medical/surgery complications. Read on to learn more about SCI, spine injury ICD 10Continue reading “Understanding Spine Injury ICD 10 Codes”

Tell Medicare How iLevel Makes a Difference in Your Life

I have been talking about my Stretto Power Chair with iLevel® technology a lot, and there is a super good reason for that. CMS is having an open comment period about whether they should cover iLevel. While I tend to talk about and show off the iLevel feature on my Stretto Power Wheelchair a lot,Continue reading “Tell Medicare How iLevel Makes a Difference in Your Life”

Seat Elevation on My Quantum Power Wheelchair Improves My Life

This month, an exciting opportunity arose in the world of accessible technology as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid opened up a thirty-day comment period where people could submit public comments for why they believe Medicare should cover power seat elevation. While I’m relatively new to the game of power chairs, assistive technology and seatContinue reading “Seat Elevation on My Quantum Power Wheelchair Improves My Life”

Top Reasons Why iLevel is Medically Necessary for Wheelchair Users

One of the biggest and best changes that has happened in my life is when I got my Quantum® Power Wheelchair with iLevel® technology. It wasn’t easy, because my insurance company denied coverage for iLevel power adjustable seat height, stating that it wasn’t medically necessary. After fighting with insurance for so long and being deniedContinue reading “Top Reasons Why iLevel is Medically Necessary for Wheelchair Users”

The Importance of Power Adjustable Seat Height (PASH)

When I was 12 years old, I started going to the mall with my friends. My dad noticed that I just couldn’t keep up with the other girls. My dad suggested I get a power wheelchair and I fought him on it. I told him I didn’t want to use a wheelchair because people wouldContinue reading “The Importance of Power Adjustable Seat Height (PASH)”

Why I Love Benefits Counseling

Many people geek out about their favorite tv show or book. As for me, I geek out about Social Security work incentives. I am a certified work incentives practitioner. Part of my job is to perform benefits counseling, helping people understand how work will impact their Social Security benefits. Work incentives encourage those who areContinue reading “Why I Love Benefits Counseling”

Ordering Your Power Wheelchair with iLevel

So, you have decided to get a power wheelchair with iLevel. You picked out the color you want and it is time to order your chair. Your therapist works with the ATP at your authorized Quantum provider. Together, they conduct a wheelchair fitting. Whether it’s your first or tenth power chair, when ordering your powerContinue reading “Ordering Your Power Wheelchair with iLevel”

Funding for Narrow Wheelchair Lifts

Being able to travel, no matter how near or far, can open a world of possibilities. Maybe you aren’t in a situation where you can invest in a wheelchair accessible vehicle right now. That doesn’t mean you have to forego traveling by van altogether. Does your caretaker or someone you spend a lot of timeContinue reading “Funding for Narrow Wheelchair Lifts”

How Much Does a Narrow Wheelchair Cost?

If you live with a disability that affects your movements, complex rehab narrow wheelchairs can help enhance your mobility and independence. In addition to aiding you in mobility, the Edge 3 Stretto™ narrow wheelchair has an overall width of 20.75 inches with a 12.5-inch drive wheel configuration, allowing you to navigate tight spaces with ease.Continue reading “How Much Does a Narrow Wheelchair Cost?”