Living Life, Making Connections in Her Quantum Power Wheelchair

As a therapist, Marianne Middlebrook knows the value of mental health. She is passionate about helping others and hopes to make a difference in her community. Born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), Marianne has been using a power wheelchair for mobility since she was two years old.  Currently, Marianne has a Quantum Power Wheelchair withContinue reading “Living Life, Making Connections in Her Quantum Power Wheelchair”

Amanda Brown is Loving Life in Her Quantum Power Wheelchair

When asked what her favorite thing is about her Quantum Power Wheelchair, Amanda Lynn Brown couldn’t pick just one. “I love everything about it!” Amanda said. Thanks to her Edge 3 Stretto® Power Chair, Amanda has discovered just how wonderful independence can be. Staying Active and Independent in her Community Amanda was born with spinaContinue reading “Amanda Brown is Loving Life in Her Quantum Power Wheelchair”

Anomie Fatale is Singing Her Heart Out

As a singer and musician, Anomie Fatale is hitting all the right notes. She grew up in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder that typically exhibits itself later in life. She became disabled at age 20 due to complications from surgeries for Chiari malformation and aContinue reading “Anomie Fatale is Singing Her Heart Out”

Bryan Anderson is Living His Life without Limits

Bryan grew up and currently resides in Rolling Meadows, IL., near his parents, Jim and Janet, identical twin brother Bobby, and sister Briana. In addition to academic excellence, Bryan excelled in sports during his high school years and competed as an accomplished gymnast in state level competitions. Following graduation, he worked for American Airlines asContinue reading “Bryan Anderson is Living His Life without Limits”

Andraéa LaVant is Shaping the World

Although freedom means many things to Andraéa LaVant, one definition recently became a reality to her. My power wheelchair that I’d had for over seven years began to malfunction,” Andraéa said. “I’d grown accustomed to the independence that the push of a button could bring.” Andraéa resides in Tempe, Arizona. She has with spinal muscularContinue reading “Andraéa LaVant is Shaping the World”

Christian Budney is Ready and Excited for Adventure

For Scranton, PA, native Christian Budney, making connections and helping others is a true passion of his. “If I can help other people, I am happy!” Christian said. Christian has faced many challenges in his life, all with a kind heart and a positive attitude. In March 2006, at just 17 years old, Christian brokeContinue reading “Christian Budney is Ready and Excited for Adventure”

Zoe Hernandez is Rising to the Occasion with iLevel

Ever since she was nine years old, Zoe Hernandez has been interested in meteorology. Seeing how weather patterns can change from one minute to the next is fascinating to her. Zoe is inspired by professional meteorologists on television and loves to watch Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel and Gil Simmons from WTNH News 8.Continue reading “Zoe Hernandez is Rising to the Occasion with iLevel”

Jill Moore White is Playing it Forward

As an inclusive play specialist for a playground manufacturer, Jill Moore White understands the value of bringing accessible playgrounds to local communities. Jill believes that children of all abilities should be given an equal opportunity to play. She looks for ways to expand beyond meeting ADA standards, inviting more diagnoses to the experience of playContinue reading “Jill Moore White is Playing it Forward”

Riley Hurt: A Moment of Science

Physics. Chemistry. Biology. We all remember these classes from school. For Riley Hurt, science is a passion. She is fascinated by seismic activity, military science and mobility device development. Now in college, Riley is pursuing electrical and computer engineering. “I love learning about science and teaching others, as well as exploring new things!” Riley said.Continue reading “Riley Hurt: A Moment of Science”

She’s at the Head of the Class with iLevel Technology

She is a mother, a professor and a strong disabled woman. These are just some of the roles that Dr. Kara Ayers has embraced. Although she has many interests, Kara is most passionate about disability advocacy. She believes that all individuals with disabilities must have access to healthcare and the equipment they need to liveContinue reading “She’s at the Head of the Class with iLevel Technology”