Wheelchair Accessories Make Life Easier

Smart shopping requires thought before buying. It’s about making a purchase that is beneficial, whether for you or a loved one. Before investing in any added features to your power wheelchair, it’s important to know what they do and if they help you. Accessories are meant to aid or enhance the person using them. When it comes to Quantum wheelchair accessories, they aren’t just for show. You are sure to find something that makes your life easier in our line of power wheelchair accessories.

Let’s break our Quantum wheelchair accessories down into categories. We offer a wide variety of power wheelchair accessories and it’s helpful to know which ones can meet your needs best.

Power Wheelchair Accessories for Storage

Not only is having space important for driving and maneuvering, but it’s also important for comfort. Who wants to crowd their personal space? Carrying objects along can quickly become exhausting. Accessories like our glove box and Quantum backpack allow wheelchair users to store their personal items and keep them close. If you prefer to use your own bag, you can check out our personal item hook. For items such as oxygen, beverages, cell phones and tablets, we have accessories dedicated to holding them as well.

Power Wheelchair Accessories for Safety

LED fender lights on a Quantum Power Chair

Your safety matters. Some of our accessories play a key role in the safety of our consumers. LED fender lights, for instance, increase visibility in lowlight areas. They allow wheelchair users to see and be seen when navigating at night.

Backup Camera

Another exciting feature is our new Quantum camera. This motorized backup camera promotes safety with a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees. It offers infrared capabilities that allow for use at night.

Convenient Power Wheelchair Accessories

USB mobile device charger

The truth is, all our power wheelchair accessories make life easier. Whether taking a load off your shoulders or giving you extra visibility at night, our accessories are helpful. We offer other accessories that are helpful and convenient. One of these motorized wheelchair accessories is our USB mobile device charger, available on TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems, which allows you to keep your cell phone charged while you’re on the go.

Transfer Bars and Push Handles
Push handles on a Quantum Power Chair

Transfer bars make transferring from your wheelchair to your bed or any other seat easier and safer.

Our final motorized wheelchair accessory recommendation is push handles. This accessory is convenient for caretakers who need to push the Quantum Power Chair manually. These handles allow them to have a firm grip on the chair and push without worrying about doing damage to the power wheelchair.

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5 thoughts on “Wheelchair Accessories Make Life Easier

  1. I just got a Edge 3 iLevel from the VA I need a storage solution. Do you have some detailed information on the glovebox? I may need to buy a backpack and backpack holders.

  2. I have a Quantum Edge 2.0 iLevel from the VA as well and I would love to get a cup holder and the LED lights to be seen at night. My Quantum Edge 2.0 iLevel did not come standard with them. I have been trying to get a cup holder for years, but I can’t seem to find the correct one. The Quantum Cup holder doesn’t because my arm rest are different then the arm rest pictured. HELP Please!!

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