The Awesome Backup Camera on My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair

Kara uses the backup camera on her Quantum Rehab Wheelchair to see what's behind her

As I set up my first Quantum Rehab Wheelchair this time last year, there were several decisions to make. What color should I choose for the base? What about the wheels? Which side should I mount my joystick? At the time, the Quantum backup camera was a relatively newer option, and I was excited to give it a try. My rep mounted it atop my joystick so it would easily swing away if I needed clearance to slide up to a table or reach something to my right. We discussed that if the backup camera wasn’t something I ended up using, we could always remove it. Since then, though, I’ve learned some unexpected benefits of the backup camera.  For me, it’s here to stay.

Seeing Around Corners in My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair

Navigating with a power chair is quite different than pushing my manual chair. While my Stretto is narrow, I still must account for more room behind me than in my manual chair. The backup camera has helped ease this learning curve and save many walls! There are also times that I can navigate in my Quantum Power Wheelchair without turning around because I can guide myself with the camera.

Watching Out for Pets

The backup camera on a Quantum Rehab Wheelchair can help you to see animals that are behind you
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For the last couple of months, we’ve been fostering four kittens. The backup camera has saved them from potential demise! As most wheelchair users know, our pets become accustomed to wheels and eventually learn to move from our path just as they would move out of the way of someone. When we first began fostering, our kittens were just a bit over a pound each and small enough to fit in our hands. Some lessons are too hard to learn the hard way. So, I’m thankful the backup camera has saved us all from that experience more than once!

Keeping Track of My Kids While in My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair

Like many people with power chairs, I don’t yet have transportation to take my power chair from place to place. When I eventually do, I’m looking forward to using the Quantum backup camera to assist with keeping track of my kids. When we’re in a crowd, I constantly check that my kids are with us. It can be impossible to look behind me while pushing my manual wheelchair. The backup camera on my Quantum power wheelchair will be the perfect tool to keep track of everyone while moving forward. It’s also a much more helpful (although maybe less amusing) use than my youngest’s favorite way to utilize the backup camera. She opens her mouth to give me a full and shockingly clear view of her tonsils!

Better Access to Durable Medical Equipment

When I reflect on my access to durable medical equipment, my privilege to have such access is often on my mind. Equipment like the Quantum backup camera is not a fashion accessory. People should equip their wheelchairs with what they need and what they want (and leave off what they don’t want). I’m fortunate to live in a time where technological advancements offer so many options for mobility and empowerment. Through advocacy and education, I hope to work towards greater access to these tools for all who need and want them.

About Kara Ayers: Kara is a mother of three and lives in Ohio. She is an associate professor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. In 2021, Kara spoke to the Biden-Harris COVID-19 Equity Taskforce about the need for people with disabilities to access the COVID-19 vaccine. Click here to learn more about Kara.

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