Understanding Wheelchair Cushions

A complex rehab power wheelchair is designed to meet the user’s medical and quality-of-life needs and provide greater independence. The power wheelchair needs to be fitted to the individual and it needs to be comfortable. There are many components that can be found on a complex rehab power wheelchair, including seating and electronics, wheelchair cushions play an important role in maintaining comfort and positioning.

There are many wheelchair seat cushions available on the market. Every cushion serves a different purpose. Quantum® and Stealth® wheelchair cushions are marked with a color-coded PVC patch. The color of the patch indicates the function and HCPC code of the cushion. Some cushions for wheelchairs are designed to meet a user’s pressure needs. Others are designed for skin protection. How do you know which one is right for you?

Choosing the Right Cushion for Wheelchair Users

During the evaluation process, your therapist and the ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) will work together to decide what components you need to have on your complex rehab power wheelchair. Based on your diagnosis, your therapist and ATP may recommend a specific cushion to help meet your comfort and positioning needs.

Spectrum Gel SPP Wheelchair Cushion

Spectrum Gel SPP Wheelchair Cushion

The Spectrum Gel SPP Wheelchair Cushion is designed to provide skin protection and positioning benefits. It features a SunMate FRG foam top. There is a twin cell ultra lightweight viscous gel insert in the ischial well to deliver sacral relief. This gel cushion for wheelchair users has a 550-pound weight capacity with a height of 3 inches. The Spectrum Gel cushion for wheelchairs also comes with a CoolCore® cover that is moisture wicking and breathable. This revolutionary technology is chemical free and extremely durable. The CoolCore® cover keeps the user cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Glacial SP Wheelchair Seat Cushion

Glacial SP Wheelchair Seat Cushion

The Glacial SP Wheelchair Seat Cushion offers skin protection. It features a new SIM G base with a fluid resistant overlay on the top and sides of the cushion. The gel topper is TPU heat sealed with a low profile, lightweight design. The Glacial SP Wheelchair Cushion comes standard with CoolCore® technology for breathable comfort. It offers a weight capacity of 400 pounds, with a height of 2.5 inches.

Discover more information about power wheelchair cushions and their benefits. Are you searching for wheelchair cushion for your Stretto narrow wheelchair? Perhaps you’re interested in what cushion options are available for a pediatric wheelchair.


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