We’re App-solutely Excited!

Pride Mobility and Quantum Rehab have released an update to the PQ-365 app that offers new features to help providers and therapists learn, save time and provide feedback. New features include: Education area: Register for in-person or virtual events and continuing education courses, and access the Pride Learning Institute. Quick Tips search bar – OneContinue reading “We’re App-solutely Excited!”

It’s the Digital Solution: PQ-365.com

Our providers are discovering a whole new way to do business! PQ-365.com is an innovative platform with everything Pride and Quantum, all in one place. PQ-365.com is more than just a website for providers. It’s the digital solution for mobility professionals, delivering a cohesive experience for both Pride and Quantum providers. We’re excited to announceContinue reading “It’s the Digital Solution: PQ-365.com”

4Front® 2 HD Power Chair: Now Available

The 4Front® 2 is the next generation of the 4Front® Power Chair but is heavy duty! New Smart Traction Control (STC), along with Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS), provide stability for smooth obstacle transitions and unmatched driving performance. Additional new features include 4-pole motors and more robust caster arms. Features: 4-pole motors NEW Smart Traction ControlContinue reading “4Front® 2 HD Power Chair: Now Available”

It’s Time! PQ-365 App Update Now Available

Pride Mobility and Quantum Rehab have released an update to the PQ-365 app that offers new features to help providers save time. New features include: Quantum order tracker Barcode scanner Fault code search Favorites section Single sign on Recently viewed products With the new Quantum order tracker, providers can view the life cycle of anContinue reading “It’s Time! PQ-365 App Update Now Available”

Go Where You Want to Go: Part 2

Morgan uses his Stretto Power Wheelchair to go where he wants to go! The second television commercial in the Stretto campaign from Quantum® began airing June 7. The new commercial features Morgan Steward, 12, who is a Brand Ambassador for Quantum. Morgan, who has spinal muscular atrophy, describes what the Stretto can do and howContinue reading “Go Where You Want to Go: Part 2”

Paul Amadeus Lane: Telling Stories At iLevel®

“I believe that we are the ones who must write the chapters in our own book, not allowing others to control our narrative. All of us have the ability to do extraordinary things.” – Paul Amadeus Lane Everyone has a story to tell. As a broadcast journalist, Paul Amadeus Lane must find creative ways toContinue reading “Paul Amadeus Lane: Telling Stories At iLevel®”

J4 HD: The Newest in Single Power HD

The newest base in Single Power HD has arrived! Quantum’s new J4 HD Power Chair is now available, offering a 400-pound weight capacity and optional Q4 HD Power Tilt. This chair is coded Group 2 Single Power HD, K0837. Featuring Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design and ATX Suspension, the J4 HD is engineered for tight-quarter maneuverability.Continue reading “J4 HD: The Newest in Single Power HD”

Remembering Mark E. Smith

Nothing could keep Mark E. Smith down. For 18 years, Mark worked at Pride Mobility as a general manager for public relations and consumer research. He was a well known member of the disability community as an author, public speaker and advocate.  Born with cerebral palsy, Mark led a rewarding, rich life and was aContinue reading “Remembering Mark E. Smith”

Elevating His Career with Quantum: Dave Bertz

When Dave Bertz joined Quantum in 2015, he had one goal: to grow. After 19 years of rehab industry success, Dave, known by many as “Bertz”, started at Quantum in 2015 as Director, Quantum Sales – Western America. Over the past five years, he has made a significant impact in the growth of Quantum andContinue reading “Elevating His Career with Quantum: Dave Bertz”

iLevel Now on 40,000 Power Chairs

iLevel® seat elevation technology by Quantum Rehab® reached a landmark today as power chair number 40,000 was built with iLevel. Released in 2015, iLevel is a power seat elevating system that promotes independence and social inclusion. As iLevel elevates, the power base reinforces stability electronically and mechanically to ensure safety at 12 inches of elevationContinue reading “iLevel Now on 40,000 Power Chairs”