NCART/NRRTS 2022 CRT Virtual Congressional Fly-In

Participate in the NCART/NRRTS 2022 CRT Virtual Congressional Fly-In on Sept. 14! This annual event allows Complex Rehab Technology suppliers, manufacturers, clinicians, consumers, and others to meet directly with their members of Congress via Zoom video conferencing to discuss actions that must be taken to protect access to CRT for people with disabilities. This yearContinue reading “NCART/NRRTS 2022 CRT Virtual Congressional Fly-In”


Time is defined as, “the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues.”  There are many sayings that relate to time. “Time is money.” – Benjamin Franklin “Time waits for no one.” – Folklore “Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin “Time is the most valuable thingContinue reading “Time”

Measure Twice, Cut Once

As a young boy, my father instilled in me a very simple concept that has been a saving grace too many times to list. This concept has many different applications, including CRT. The concept is to measure twice before creating/recommending a complete CRT mobility device to ensure accuracy and thorough thought.  In CRT, the multidisciplinaryContinue reading “Measure Twice, Cut Once”