We’re App-solutely Excited!

Pride Mobility and Quantum Rehab have released an update to the PQ-365 app that offers new features to help providers and therapists learn, save time and provide feedback.

New features include:

  • Education area: Register for in-person or virtual events and continuing education courses, and access the Pride Learning Institute.
  • Quick Tips search bar – One tap keyboard display: Directly selecting the search bar or selecting one of the Quick Tips makes the cursor and keyboard active for text input, reducing clicks.
  • Serial number/order tracking screen quick search: A quick search function in serial number/order tracking results allows the search for a specific component. Select the complete part assembly (invoiceable) or the individual part item (serviceable).
  • User survey: Lets users submit valuable feedback.

The PQ-365 app is available for download via the App Store and Google Play.


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