How iLevel Improves My Social Interactions

Being a manual wheelchair user was challenging for me. I experienced an inability to reach things and my arms would become tired from propelling myself. One area that I really struggled in was social interactions. Now, don’t get me wrong. I may have said “I” in terms of struggling, but I really mean how theContinue reading “How iLevel Improves My Social Interactions”

My Amazing Experience Touring the Hall of Presidents

Walt Disney World is so much more than theme parks with rides and roller coasters. Disney offers picturesque scenery, grand parades, phenomenal eats and numerous educational opportunities. Yes, that’s right, there are countless educational opportunities at Disney. Have you ever imagined being in the presence of all 45 U.S. presidents? Do you have questions aboutContinue reading “My Amazing Experience Touring the Hall of Presidents”

Great Winter Clothing Tips for Wheelchair Users

As a wheelchair user who is cold all year round, winter is the season that I dread the most. Throughout the years, I have discovered various articles of clothing and products that make those cold winter months a little more bearable. This “from the waist up” guide is sure to keep you a little warmerContinue reading “Great Winter Clothing Tips for Wheelchair Users”

Watching NASCAR with iLevel Technology

On October 9, NASCAR returned to Charlotte Motor Speedway and I attended the Xfinity Series race. I saw my friends and watched an action-packed race that went down to the final laps. The NASCAR Xfinity Series is a developmental racing series that is the minor leagues of the Cup Series. Up and comers can honeContinue reading “Watching NASCAR with iLevel Technology”