Ordering Your Power Wheelchair with iLevel

So, you have decided to get a power wheelchair with iLevel. You picked out the color you want and it is time to order your chair. Your therapist works with the ATP at your authorized Quantum provider. Together, they conduct a wheelchair fitting. Whether it’s your first or tenth power chair, when ordering your power chair through insurance, a justification needs to be submitted that demonstrates why you need the motorized wheelchair. Since iLevel is an added feature to the motorized wheelchair, it is vital to submit a justification for iLevel on why it is medically necessary.

Below are tips on what to include in your justification for iLevel on your power wheelchair.

How iLevel Aids in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs):

When requesting durable medical equipment from insurance, the biggest concern is someone’s ADLs inside their home. Activities of daily living include cooking, cleaning, and personal care. It is no secret that iLevel gives wheelchair users greater accessibility to public facilities and community activities. For insurance purposes, the focus needs to be that iLevel gives you greater accessibility inside your home. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How would a seat elevator support your transfers? (getting in/out of bed or toileting)
  • What activities in your home could you do more independently with a seat elevator? (cooking, cleaning or personal care)

How iLevel Keeps You Safe in Your Home

Insurers want to know how the equipment is going to keep you safe in your home. Falls and accidents happen, especially when you are disabled. It’s better to pay for a piece equipment before something happens, instead of paying for a hospital bill or an ambulance after an accident. The more accessible a space is, the safer it is. For example, if you cook your own meals, are you grabbing pots and pans from a counter that is taller than you are and can burn you? Questions to consider on how iLevel can keep you safe in your home:

  • How many accidents or falls have you had in the last six months due to the low height of your power wheelchair?
  • How would iLevel prevent you from falling?
  • How do you reach for things that are higher up?
  • Are your counters of equal height with your seat?
  • How would iLevel make it safer for your personal care attendants to support you in your ADLs?

These tips are no guarantee that your insurance will approve you for iLevel but being your own advocate is a start. Provide as much concrete information as you can to support your case. The more information you provide, the more difficult it is for them to list a reason for denial. This information also backs you up when filing for an appeal.

Quantum has created a self-advocacy form that you can take with you to your seating evaluation. Click here to download the form.

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