Getting Outdoors in My Quantum Wheelchair

I have an unpopular question among the Disability Community. Where’s all the snow?! I live in Scranton, PA, (yes, home of “The Office”) and one thing about living there is that our summers are usually pretty hot, and our winters are typically gray, snowy and cold. I don’t love the cold. Having acquired a spinalContinue reading “Getting Outdoors in My Quantum Wheelchair”

The Best Quantum Power Wheelchair for Outdoors

When choosing a power wheelchair, it’s important to incorporate technology that’s specifically suited to your lifestyle. While cozy mornings indoors are certainly blissful, the wonders of the great outdoors are always calling. If you’re looking for a Quantum power wheelchair with the durability, stability and comfort to navigate outdoor spaces, this is the guide forContinue reading “The Best Quantum Power Wheelchair for Outdoors”

Understanding Spine Injury ICD 10 Codes

According to the United Spinal Association, approximately 17,700 Americans acquire a spinal cord injury every year. Roughly 78 percent of those individuals are men, their average age is 43. Most spinal cord injuries happen due to a vehicle accident, falls, violence and medical/surgery complications. Read on to learn more about SCI, spine injury ICD 10Continue reading “Understanding Spine Injury ICD 10 Codes”

Embracing a New Season: Accessible Fall in California      

Fall is upon us! Typically, I am not excited about the shift in seasons. In the past, around this time when others are preparing to indulge in all things pumpkin spice and extra layers of clothing, I’m sulking about putting away my summer maxi dresses and hiding my cute pedicure under closed-toe shoes. This year,Continue reading “Embracing a New Season: Accessible Fall in California      “

Fun Summer Activities and My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair

End of summer. Back to school. Fall. It is hard to believe that time has passed so quickly! I started thinking about all the activities I participated in this summer. I love getting outside and being active. My disability, however, can make certain activities challenging, even when I have my Quantum Rehab Wheelchair. Still, IContinue reading “Fun Summer Activities and My Quantum Rehab Wheelchair”

What to Do When You Arrive at the Airport

In a previous blog, I shared tips on how to protect your wheelchair when traveling by plane. As much as one can plan and prepare to travel by air, as a wheelchair user the planning doesn’t stop when we get to the airport. In fact, what we do to ease potential travel woes when flyingContinue reading “What to Do When You Arrive at the Airport”

How to Protect Your Power Wheelchair When Traveling by Plane

The world seems to be picking back up again (not that there isn’t still a global pandemic). With that, summer vacationers are eager to get back in the swing of things and head out on planes, trains, and automobiles to make up for memories they may have missed over the past year or so. ForContinue reading “How to Protect Your Power Wheelchair When Traveling by Plane”

Exploring the Beautiful Outdoors in My 4Front 2 Wheelchair

The air is different in the mountains. It’s crisper. It’s fresher. I love that I live so close to a place with so much beauty! From a young age, I always felt so much peace when I was in nature. Getting out was hard though. I was born with a muscle disorder called Arthrogryposis. ItContinue reading “Exploring the Beautiful Outdoors in My 4Front 2 Wheelchair”

Spending Time Outdoors in My 4Front 2 Power Wheelchair

Spring has finally appeared! I have always been a girl that loves to be in the sunshine. I want to soak up as much of the outdoors as I can. Since getting my 4Front® 2 Power Wheelchair with power adjustable safe seat elevation, I can do more outdoor activities and explore the mountains and lakesContinue reading “Spending Time Outdoors in My 4Front 2 Power Wheelchair”

Taking an Awesome Road Trip with My 4Front 2

I’ve always been a lover of adventure and one of my favorite things to do is travel. Prior to the pandemic, I traveled on planes for work or leisure at least once a month, and sometimes, more than that. As a result, I’d grown adept at navigating my way through an airport, from security allContinue reading “Taking an Awesome Road Trip with My 4Front 2”