Child Wheelchair Medicaid Coverage

Is your child living with a serious medical condition, such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida? If you believe that a wheelchair for child with cerebral palsy or other medical condition is the solution but aren’t sure how to pay for it, you do have options available to you. If you’ve heard of Medicaid, thenContinue reading “Child Wheelchair Medicaid Coverage”

Are My Child’s Wheelchair Batteries Covered by Medicare?

Even if you follow the best charging practices to prolong the life of your child’s wheelchair batteries, there may come a time when you have to replace them. When you are ready to replace and dispose of them, you may wonder if the batteries for your child’s electric wheelchair are covered by Medicare. Medicare PartContinue reading “Are My Child’s Wheelchair Batteries Covered by Medicare?”

Kid Wheelchair Funding and Medicaid

As the largest program that is designed to give health-related and medical services, Medicaid assists many individuals with low incomes. If your kid has a mobility impairment due to a medical condition such as spinal muscular atrophy or struggles with health issues, they may qualify for a power wheelchair through your state’s Medicaid program! GetContinue reading “Kid Wheelchair Funding and Medicaid”