Getting Technical Support Away from Home

We can all agree that we want to create memories of a lifetime when we travel, although there are unanticipated situations that also contribute to these memories. While they make for entertaining stories, they’re not the types of situations that we want to happen. If you find yourself away from home and needing technical support on your motorized wheelchair, we have a few steps that you can take to get back to enjoying your trip.

Interactive Assist

Interactive Assist is a diagnostic app that provides a direct, real-time connection from your power wheelchair’s electronics to a provider’s programming station. If you are away from home, Interactive Assist will provide the technician with full system and diagnostics information, along with tools, such as a real-time mirror image of the power wheelchair’s electronics display.

Any motorized wheelchair equipped with Q-Logic 3 can use Interactive Assist. This app is available for download today on Google Play or the App Store.

Finding a Provider Near You

If you run into a jam while you’re away from home, you can find a Quantum provider using our dealer locator. In just a few simple steps, you can find a provider near where you’re staying who can assist you with your technical needs.

  • Click on “Find a Dealer” at the top of the Quantum website
  • Type your address or city into the search bar
  • Click “Click to Find A Dealer Now!”

You can adjust the distance that you would be willing to go, whether 10 miles, 20 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles or 250 miles from the address you entered.

The search results will display any providers near you, their address and their phone number. This works for locations within the United States and Puerto Rico.

If You are Traveling Abroad

If you run into an emergency while you are outside of the United States, Quantum Rehab has subsidiaries around the world. All you need to do to get technical support regarding your power wheelchair is:

This will take you to the mini site for the subsidiary, which will contain contact information, including a phone number, email address and postal address for the corresponding subsidiary. The subsidiary will then be able to put you in contact with a local provider that can assist you. Either you can contact the subsidiary on your own to get that information or you can get in touch with us to have a local provider reach you.

One Final Option

If you cannot get in touch with a provider near you for assistance, we can try to troubleshoot your motorized wheelchair over the phone. Give our Consumer Services department a call and we would be glad to try and assist you as best as we can from a distance.

If you are not near a provider and need to replace parts, we will gladly send you instructions for how to install the part, but you will have to switch those parts out on your own. Because of this, we recommend traveling with someone who can help switch out the parts, if there is a need.

The best way to handle a potential stressful situation while traveling is by being prepared for it. You can either call ahead or check out our international websites to get the information that you may need before you embark on your journey.


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