Wheelchair Accessible Atlanta

I live on the outskirts of a very wheelchair accessible city, Atlanta, Georgia. It has a lot of accessible places. Here are some of my favorites.

The World of Coca Cola Museum

One of my favorite places in Atlanta is the World of Coca Cola Museum. It has very wide motorized wheelchair ramps and wide aisles. This allows me and other wheelchair users to move around freely. We have no fear of bumping into anyone or being in the way. You can learn about the history of Coca Cola and they always have cool new exhibits to check out.

Wheelchair Accessible Georgia Aquarium

Another place that is very accessible is the Georgia Aquarium. They even have wheelchair ramps in the parking deck, which is a huge help. Navigating a power wheelchair in parking decks and garages can be a bit risky, especially with people’s crazy driving. The aquarium also has wide walkways and the floors aren’t rugged or raggedy, which makes for a smooth ride in my Stretto Power Wheelchair. There are also elevators inside so that if I can’t access a ramp, I’m able to still move through the building seamlessly. The exhibits also have spaces that allow me to go down and be closer to the exhibits like other kids. I really appreciate this because who wants to be in the back, instead of up close looking at the cool sea creatures? 

Accessible Centennial Olympic Park

Right up the street from the aquarium is Centennial Olympic Park. I can see it from the front of the aquarium and it is very easy to get to. The city keeps it pretty clean and it’s flat. I don’t have to worry about too many bumps in or around that area. There are several ramp entrances around the park that make it safe for me and other wheelchair users to move around. I really love this place too because it is a popular attraction and it allows me to have fun with my friends. The water area of the park is also flat so when I want to, I can roll my power wheelchair in and enjoy the cool water from the splash pad. 

College Football Hall of Fame

Right around the corner from Centennial Park is the College Football Hall of Fame. The sports history in that place is so cool. It has automatic opening doors so you don’t have to pull the door open. That is a big plus because I don’t have to wait for anyone to open it. The museum has a three-story helmet wall, historic artifacts and the Hall of Fame rotunda.

Accessible Skyview Atlanta

On the opposite side of Centennial Park and across the street is the Ferris wheel called Skyview Atlanta. I have ridden it and it’s perfect because my motorized wheelchair can roll straight in without any issues. Places like this allow me to have a lot of freedom and independence. It keeps my mind off the fact that I am confined to a motorized wheelchair, even though it’s a cool one. It makes me feel like other kids without a physical disability.

Accessible Mercedes Benz Stadium

The new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta is where the Atlanta Falcons play. It has plenty of wheelchair access and wheelchair ramps as well for me and my Stretto motorized wheelchair. The people who built this stadium didn’t skimp on the space in there either! Of course, it’s big stadium because it hosts a lot of sporting events.

Whether I am going to a football, soccer game or a concert, I am confident that me and my Stretto wheelchair can get anywhere I need to (even the bathrooms) in all these attractions in Atlanta.

About Morgan Steward: Morgan is an honorary police officer for the Covington Georgia Police Department. He uses the Stretto Power Wheelchair for mobility. Morgan is an active member in his community and enjoys helping others. Click here to learn more about Morgan.

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