Donating Wheelchairs and Giving the Gift of Mobility

Kerri in her 4Front 2 Quantum Rehab Wheelchair

Previously, I wrote a blog about my incredible experience visiting Peru. I went with the charity, Chair the Hope. We delivered wheelchairs to those that don’t have access to mobility equipment and need it. It made me very grateful that I have never had to worry about how I would get somewhere. I never worried about whether I would obtain access to a wheelchair. Even if insurance is frustrating to deal with sometimes, it still helps me with my mobility needs.

Delivering Mobility to Those I Need

We went to several villages on the outskirts of the city of Lima. Most of the roads were dirt. Most of the homes were the size of my family room. Sidewalks were almost nonexistent.  We distributed 78 wheelchairs in an arena type setting. Each recipient, approved by an assigned social worker, had different mobility needs. And none of these people ever had their own wheelchair. We split up in teams to help each individual try out their wheelchair for the first time. It was magical to see their faces light up as they realized they could have some form of independence, to see the realization of having mobility.

How Wheelchairs Help Caretakers as Well

It was wonderful to honor the caretakers who have been expending all their energy to make sure their loved one could get around. The caretakers experienced a new sense of freedom as well. We had the opportunity to go to homes of some individuals who couldn’t get to the distribution center. I went with a small group to the home of a 20-year-old boy who has been carried by his mother his whole life. If she wasn’t lifting him, he was sometimes left to lay on a dirt floor. This first wheelchair gave him a way to get around his home and also offered relief to his mother.

I am grateful for the gift of mobility that I have with my 4Front® 2 power wheelchair. Through my experiences in Peru, I was able to give the gift of mobility to others.

About Kerri Knudson: Kerri lives in Utah with her daughter. She uses a 4Front 2 Power Wheelchair and loves exploring the outdoors. Click here to learn more about Kerri.

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