Wheelchair Accessible Half Moon Lake Lodge

Although there are many beautiful places in Wyoming, and one of those that is exceptionally beautiful is a small town called Pinedale. It’s located about an hour from where I live. To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, my friend, Bill, and I went to Pinedale. There are many small lakes in the area and the one we chose to visit is called Half Moon Lake.

Driving to Half Moon Lake

Madonna in her Edge 3 Power Wheelchair

Half Moon Lake sits up in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. It’s the third largest national forest outside of Alaska, at about 3.4 million acres. The drive to Half Moon Lake is mostly dirt road, but it’s very well maintained. The road is lined with willows, aspens and pine trees, all along the shore. There is also a paved scenic road that starts in Pinedale and is accessible during the warmer months of the year. The Pine Creek Overlook offers spectacular views into the Wind River Range and Fremont Lake, which is one of the deepest natural lakes in the country.

Enjoying the View

Bill and I both grew up in Wyoming and his favorite place to go is the Half Moon Lake Lodge, which is tucked away at the foot of the majestic Wind River Mountains. People from near and far come to this place to camp. The lodge and the lake are surrounded by towering peaks that are 13,000 feet high. The place is well known and when you are here, it seems like you are somewhere magical.

Accessibility at Half Moon Lake Lodge

Madonna in her Edge 3 Motorized Wheelchair

Bill and I ate lunch at the lodge, which was amazing. The dining room and deck are set up so you can enjoy the gorgeous view of the lake. There are a lot of fun things to do at the lodge. You can go fishing or horseback riding. You can rent a motorboat, kayaks or paddleboards.

By far, the best part about the lodge is that it is fully accessible. I easily entered the lodge with my Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair. The restrooms were power wheelchair accessible as well.

So, if you are ever in Wyoming, be sure to look up the Half Moon Lodge. If you’re lucky, you might get to pet a furry animal outside the front door.

About Madonna Long: Madonna works as a disability advocate to educate policymakers and congressional leaders on disability issues. She uses an Edge 3 Power Wheelchair for mobility. She is a mother to four children and lives life on her terms, despite a spinal cord injury. Click here to learn more about Madonna.

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