My Quantum Power Wheelchair Helps Me Be Successful

A large part of my life is filled with working in the office. I strive to be a vital asset to any organization in which I am a member. So, when my life drastically changed due to an autoimmune issue that left me unable to walk, I had to relearn how to navigate almost everyContinue reading “My Quantum Power Wheelchair Helps Me Be Successful”

Important Employment Services for Disabled Adults

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). According to the U.S Department of Labor, NDEAM celebrates the contributions of America’s workers with disabilities past and present and showcases supportive, inclusive employment policies and practices. To support the employment of people with disabilities, there are multiple government programs, two of those include but are notContinue reading “Important Employment Services for Disabled Adults”

Raising Awareness for Disability Employment

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, a month that raises awareness, celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities and educates about the value of a diverse workforce, inclusive of the skills and talents that disabled people bring. As part of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, it’s important to recognize the assistive technology that helpsContinue reading “Raising Awareness for Disability Employment”

Resources for Working with a Disability

Searching for a job can be hard, but it can be even more difficult for individuals with disabilities. We’ve compiled a list of resources for people with disabilities who are looking for employment opportunities. These resources were written by other wheelchair users who have successfully found employment. Benefits of Hiring People with Disabilities When itContinue reading “Resources for Working with a Disability”

Employment Rights for Wheelchair Users: The Basics

There’s a common misconception that wheelchair users cannot work, but that’s simply not true. Not only can we work, but we want to work. One of the biggest barriers that wheelchair users face in employment is not knowing our rights. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifically protects people with disabilities from discrimination in employment. The more wheelchair usersContinue reading “Employment Rights for Wheelchair Users: The Basics”