My Quantum Power Wheelchair Helps Me Be Successful

A large part of my life is filled with working in the office. I strive to be a vital asset to any organization in which I am a member. So, when my life drastically changed due to an autoimmune issue that left me unable to walk, I had to relearn how to navigate almost every part of my life in a wheelchair. My professional life and responsibilities at work were no exception. Here’s how my Quantum power wheelchair helped me to be successful at work.

Navigating the Corporate World at iLevel

Her Quantum power wheelchair with iLevel technology gives Merlisha confidence

The corporate atmosphere requires traits that need to be developed and maintained to gain a high level of success. In many situations, your appearance is the difference between capturing and holding the attention and ear of your contemporaries or not being noticed at all. Most people respond to subtle, subconscious cues that help or harm their standing in any peer group. After returning to work, I noticed that being at a lower level changed not only how my team members interacted with me, but how confident they were in my experience and expertise.

Once I received my Quantum power wheelchair, an Edge® 3 with iLevel, the interactions I experienced started to shift drastically. Just the change in height with iLevel, putting me face to face with almost everyone I encounter, shifts their perception. This changes or eliminates some of the more awkward exchanges.

My Quantum Power Wheelchair Gives Me Independence

There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need to, but needing to wait around on others to assist you with simple tasks can harm your work relationships, as well as your confidence and independence. Being able to elevate my power chair to the counter to use the microwave or the fax machine helps me to maintain my schedule and complete simple tasks around the office.

iLevel Technology Helps Me at Meetings

Merlisha uses iLevel on her Quantum power wheelchair

I often have to lead meetings among those I supervise as well as executives above me. Leading a quick team meeting at the beginning of the workday, where everyone is standing in a loose circle at a higher level than me, was not as impactful and effective as sitting tall and being able to look each team member in the eye. When I am presenting at meetings, my power chair allows me to utilize the podium, whiteboard or flip chart to highlight points in my presentation.

Success in Work with My Quantum Power Wheelchair

My Edge 3 with iLevel technology has helped me tremendously over the last three years. It helps me be more engaged in work and my personal life. When I first returned to my career, I was skeptical about how I would adjust to and navigate in my work environment. My Edge 3 Power Chair has played a vital role in helping me get back to the intelligent, strong, competitive leader that I have been cultivating for more than twenty-five years.

About Merlisha Henderson: Merlisha uses an Edge 3 Power Wheelchair for mobility and lives in Arizona with her family. As a wife, mother and disability advocate in her community, she stays active and independent, working toward bringing equality and access to all. Click here to learn more about Merlisha.

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