Using Smart Devices with Assistive Technology

When it comes to technology, almost every 13-year-old kid is obsessed. What most 13-year-olds don’t have to worry about, however, is trying to access certain features on a phone, iPad, or any piece of technology while having limited mobility. Throughout my childhood, I used an iPad. With the help of an iPad mount and voiceContinue reading “Using Smart Devices with Assistive Technology”

The Power of Choice with Q-Logic 3

When discussing with your therapist about which narrow power wheelchair is right for you, remember that you have choices! While your new narrow motorized wheelchair must meet your medical needs, quality-of-life needs are just as important. At Quantum, we understand the importance of maintaining independence in and outside the home, which is why we designContinue reading “The Power of Choice with Q-Logic 3”

New Features on Interactive Assist App

New features are now available on the Interactive Assist app!  Photos can now be sent to a technician, and from the technician to the consumer, as a visual reference in real time using the chat feature. Also, the all-new Bluetooth® auto connect will automatically pair to the consumer’s chair again if connection is lost. In addition, a systemContinue reading “New Features on Interactive Assist App”