CMS Opens Public Comment Period on Seat Elevation

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced on Aug. 15 the opening of a 30-day public comment period on national coverage analysis for power seat elevation systems as an accessory to Power Wheelchairs (Group 3). This will run through Sept. 14. The purpose of this national coverage analysis is to determine if theContinue reading “CMS Opens Public Comment Period on Seat Elevation”

Top Issues Facing People with Disabilities and Personal Care Attendants

Like many people with disabilities, I rely on the support of personal care attendants to complete activities of daily living. These supports are vital for us to live our day-to-day lives, however, working as a personal care attendant is not an easy job. Personal care attendants should be treated with more respect. Hiring Personal CareContinue reading “Top Issues Facing People with Disabilities and Personal Care Attendants”

Will Medicaid Pay for a Narrow Wheelchair?

Medicaid is the largest program of its kind designed to provide medical and health-related services to people with low incomes. Medicaid may cover a complex rehab power wheelchair, such as the Edge 3 Stretto Narrow Wheelchair, if the patient qualifies. Individuals living with conditions such as ALS, quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis or traumatic brain injuries mayContinue reading “Will Medicaid Pay for a Narrow Wheelchair?”

How to Buy a Pediatric Wheelchair

Your child may qualify for a Quantum® Power Chair if he or she has been diagnosed with a medical condition that affects his or her mobility. In order to determine if a power mobility device is right for him or her, you need to follow these steps. Schedule a Face-to-Face Examination The first thing youContinue reading “How to Buy a Pediatric Wheelchair”

Pediatric Wheelchair Medicaid Coverage

Medicaid is the largest program that provides medical and health-related services to those who qualify. Funded through cooperative efforts between the federal and state governments, each state is responsible for administering its own Medicaid program, while remaining within the national guidelines enforced by the federal government. Each state sets eligibility standards and determines the amountContinue reading “Pediatric Wheelchair Medicaid Coverage”

Child Wheelchair Medicaid Coverage

Is your child living with a serious medical condition, such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida? If you believe that a wheelchair for child with cerebral palsy or other medical condition is the solution but aren’t sure how to pay for it, you do have options available to you. If you’ve heard of Medicaid, thenContinue reading “Child Wheelchair Medicaid Coverage”

Kid Wheelchair Funding and Medicaid

As the largest program that is designed to give health-related and medical services, Medicaid assists many individuals with low incomes. If your kid has a mobility impairment due to a medical condition such as spinal muscular atrophy or struggles with health issues, they may qualify for a power wheelchair through your state’s Medicaid program! GetContinue reading “Kid Wheelchair Funding and Medicaid”