What is Anterior Tilt?

A modern power wheelchair serves a purpose beyond simple transportation. Unlike conventional wheelchairs, which were primarily focused on moving a person from one place to another, modern power wheelchairs put greater emphasis on facilitating activities of daily living (ADL) and increasing accessibility. For instance, anterior tilt is a game-changing functionality available on the Stretto, 4Front®Continue reading “What is Anterior Tilt?”

Quantum Wheelchair Seating: A Look at TB4 vs. TB3

We’re so excited about the recent launch of the TRU-Balance® 4 (TB4) seating system, which is available on the Stretto, Edge 3 and 4Front® 2 power chairs. One key thing to remember is that the TRU-Balance® 3 (TB3) seating system isn’t going away. Both Quantum wheelchair seating systems will be available based on the user’sContinue reading “Quantum Wheelchair Seating: A Look at TB4 vs. TB3”