Get to Know the TB4

Image of a yellow base Quantum Rehab power chair with a Tru Balance 4 seating system in an anterior tilt position.

Quantum has done it again. Our Tru-Balance 4 Power Positioning System is the next step in the evolution of the power chair, providing enhanced functionality and comfort to meet a user’s medical, clinical and quality of life needs.

From anterior tilt to WC19 compliance, here’s what you need to know about the features of the TB4.

What Is the TB4

The Tru-Balance 4 Power Positioning System is Quantum Rehab’s revolutionary new seating technology that comes available on the Edge 3 Stretto®, Edge® 3 and 4Front® 2 power chairs. This state-of-the-art seating system is designed to provide users with maximum comfort, functionality and accessibility.

What exactly can users expect from the TB4?

Notable features include:

  • Anterior tilt – Users can adjust the TB4’s seat angles so that the seat slopes downward at a 10, 20, or 30-degree angle. This creates an anterior pelvic position, placing the user in a partial weight-bearing stance, which can have both physiological, psychological and functional benefits, such as:
    • Greater accessibility to activities of daily living
    • Improved confidence
    • Enhanced independence
    • Better health and recovery
    • Easier sit-to-stand or sit-squat-pivot transfers
  • Customizable memory seating positions – The TB4 empowers users to program and save up to 8 customizable positions, including 4 forward commands and 4 reverse commands. After the user selects a desired position, the seat will automatically adjust to return to the preset. This feature provides users with easy and convenient access to their preferred seating positions, eliminating the need to make constant adjustments, thus ensuring optimal comfort. 
  • Articulating foot platform (AFP) – An essential component of the TB4, the AFP was added to assist with transfers in and out of the power wheelchair. By lowering the AFP, a user can position their lower extremities in a stable and secure position. This can increase user independence and reduce the risk of falls or accidents that may occur during a transfer. 

Which Bases is the TB4 Available On?

Currently, the TB4 is an available add-on to the following bases:

  • The Edge 3 – The most advanced power chair on the market, the Edge 3 with iLevel is jam-packed with useful features and functionalities, including a 12” power adjustable seat height.
  • The Edge 3 Stretto – The narrowest, most maneuverable power base in the country, with a total width of 20.47” and 12.5” drive wheels, the Edge 3 was designed to accommodate children, teenagers and small adults.
  • The 4Front 2 – The next generation of the 4Front Power Chair, the 2 provides additional enhancements like a 4-pole motor, redesigned caster arms and TB4 optionality.

Quantum and the TB4

Quantum Rehab’s Tru-Balance 4 Power System has reimagined what a power chair is capable of. This system provides several features designed to enhance user comfort and functionality, including anterior tilt, customizable memory seating positions and an articulating foot platform.

This novel reimagining of the power chair provides the user with a more natural and ergonomic sitting position, which can improve their independence, as well as their physical and mental well-being.

But where can you find the TB4?

Simply visit a Quantum dealer to get rolling today. 


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