The Best Quantum Power Wheelchair for Outdoors

When choosing a power wheelchair, it’s important to incorporate technology that’s specifically suited to your lifestyle. While cozy mornings indoors are certainly blissful, the wonders of the great outdoors are always calling. If you’re looking for a Quantum power wheelchair with the durability, stability and comfort to navigate outdoor spaces, this is the guide for you. We’re highlighting three power chairs made for those seeking adventure outdoors. These power chairs are for people who never miss a family member’s soccer game, love meandering through park pathways and want to comfortably bridge the gap between their home and the outside world.  

Suspension Considerations for Power Wheelchairs

The most important element to consider when choosing an outdoor wheelchair is suspension. SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) is an automotive-grade, dampened suspension that dramatically improves ride quality, making for a more comfortable, better performing power wheelchair. Here are some clinical benefits to SRS.

  • A smoother ride experience may reduce environmental triggers for users with spasticity
  • Individuals who use alternative drive control systems or modified joystick handles, the ability to maintain contact with the drive control is significantly improved
  • For those with pain, suspension may significantly reduce pain because in mid-wheel drive power chairs, the jolting forces are directly below the user
  • For individuals with balance challenges, it minimizes the displacement of the upper body, head and neck, providing a greater sense of stability and less of a reliance on postural components

3 Quantum Power Wheelchairs for Outdoor Exploration

Read on to discover the different kinds of SRS available on our Quantum Power Wheelchairs.

The 4Front® 2 Power Wheelchair

The 4Front® 2 is the next generation of the 4Front Power Chair. It offers features for users who want to take their chairs everywhere, including down the sidewalk, in the grass and over bricks. The 4Front 2 Power Wheelchair offers:

  • Smart Traction Control (STC)
  • 4-pole motors
  • Redesigned caster arms
  • Increased speeds up to 6.25 mph
  • Optional Quantum backup camera
        A Quantum power wheelchair with front wheel drive: the 4Front 2
        The 4Front 2 Power Chair

        Most importantly, this power wheelchair features SRS, (Smooth Ride Suspension). a superior automotive-grade power chair suspension. The 4Front 2 offers a quiet, smooth and stable ride. This outdoor wheelchair also features 10 inches of power adjustable safe seat elevation at speeds up to 3.5 mph, which allows you to easily travel alongside family and friends during afternoon outings to the neighborhood park and beyond.

        A Narrow Quantum Power Wheelchair

        If you’re looking for an outdoor power chair that can tackle the elements and navigate tight indoor spaces, the Edge 3 Stretto is the model for you. The Stretto is the narrowest, most maneuverable power base in America. Children, teenagers and adults alike will love the 20.47-inch overall width and 12.5-inch drive wheels. Consumers asked for a highly maneuverable motorized wheelchair with a narrow base and the Stretto delivered. Standard features include:

        • A USB charger
        • Front and rear fender lights
        • Independent SRS
        • Optional iLevel power seat elevation, up to 12 inches at speeds up to 3.5 mph

        This 2021 Mobility Product Award winner is the perfect outdoor wheelchair for users who want the best, most compact chair available that maneuvers effortlessly.

        Stretto Power Wheelchair
        Edge 3 Stretto

        Edge 3 Motorized Wheelchair

        The Edge 3 motorized wheelchair is the perfect chair for users who need to navigate indoor and outdoor spaces: Wander out to the yard to sunbathe under the trees and cruise across uneven sidewalks with ease.

        The Edge 3 is a Quantum power wheelchair
        The Edge 3 Power Chair

        Standard features of this model include:

        • Upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension)
        • A USB charger
        • Front and rear LED fender lights
        • Drive wheel color accents
        • Optional iLevel technology, 12 inches of lift, up to 4.5 mph

        iLevel features Extra Stability Technology, which enhances safety while users complete tasks such as cooking, reaching, transferring and more. Plus, this outdoor wheelchair is available in many color options, including bold colors, such as Green Machine and Lemon Crush.

        Why Choose an Outdoor Quantum Power Wheelchair

        Choosing a power chair is all about finding the product that meets your medical and quality-of-life needs. A Quantum power wheelchair that is custom built to meet your needs in the real world. That’s why we developed SRS. A power chair should be able to smoothly navigate both indoors and outdoors!

        Do you have questions about our power wheelchairs? Call 833-745-3835 to speak to a Quantum Rehab associate. Or click here to find a dealer near you.

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