Benefits of Front-Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchairs

When working with your therapist and the ATP during the power wheelchair selection process, there’s a lot to discuss. Which components meet your needs, do you qualify for funding and more. When choosing an electric wheelchair base, the drive wheel configuration is very important. Front-wheel, mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive each have their own advantages and you need to consider your needs and how the wheelchair will be used when determining a drive wheel configuration that is right for you. Read on to discover the many great benefits of a front-wheel drive electric wheelchair, such as the 4Front® 2.

Front-Wheel Drive Offers More Force

Front-wheel drive wheelchairs are extremely beneficial to power wheelchair users. One advantage is there is more force distributed to each of the four tires. Unlike with other drive wheel configurations, such as mid-wheel, there are two fewer tires in contact with the ground. The greater force increases traction. This allows front-wheel drive electric wheelchairs to perform well when driven over grass, soft terrain or uneven gravel. The drive wheels are the first to encounter an obstacle. These large tires can grab an obstacle like step or curb and drive over it, pulling the rest of the wheelchair along.

Front-Wheel Drive Allows for Different Foot Riggings

With front-wheel drive wheelchairs, the user’s feet can be positioned easily because there are no front caster wheels on the power wheelchair. The user’s feet are placed closer to his or her body for comfort. In addition, 90-degree footrests can be added.

Lower Seat-to-Floor Height on Front-Wheel Drive Wheelchairs

Front-wheel drive power wheelchairs have a lower seat-to-floor height. This allows individuals who drive wheelchairs to fit more easily under standard tables and desks, which enhances their inclusion and social interaction. Along with lower seat-to-floor height, a front-wheel-drive power chair can easily navigate tight corners in the home, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

With so many advantages, front-wheel drive wheelchairs can truly benefit many individuals who require complex rehab. If your therapist and ATP believe that front-wheel drive suits you, consider the 4Front® 2 Power Chair, which features a front-wheel drive configuration. With STC (Smart Traction Control) and SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), you can enjoy stability during obstacle transitions and unmatched driving performance. The 4Front 2 Power Chair is available with optional power adjustable safe seat elevation, elevating users up to 10 inches while driving up to 3.5 mph. Learn more about the 4Front 2 Power Wheelchair.

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