People with Disabilities and Vaccinations

It’s important to social distance and wear a mask

For some people with disabilities, it has been a bit difficult to get vaccinated. While living in Wyoming, it has been easy to stay safe and isolated in my small town. I am scheduled to get my vaccine on Wednesday. Here is some information to help you understand some of the tips or procedures that the CDC has listed when being vaccinated.

I know some people who have disabilities are unsure how to get their vaccine. Below is some information from the CDC website on understanding the system the CDC uses. While the CDC makes recommendations on who should get the vaccine, each state creates its own vaccination plan based on the needs of its communities. You can call your county or city health office to find out how to be vaccinated.

CDC Recommendations for COVID-19 Vaccinations

 The CDC recommends this order for COVID-19 vaccinations:

  • Phase 1a – Healthcare workers and people who live in long-term care homes.
  • Phase 1b – Adults who are 75 years and older and essential workers.
  • Phase 1c – Adults who are 65 years and older, essential workers who were not in Phase 1b, and people 16 years and older who have high-risk medical conditions.
  • Phase 2 – All people, 16 years and older, living in the United States

People with Disabilities and Vaccinations

People with disabilities can be included in any of these phases. Some states include people with disabilities in Phase 1a or Phase 1b.  So be sure to look at both phases. Also make sure you contact your physician office or your state health department for the most updated information on when vaccines are available and when you can be vaccinated. If you have questions, you can visit the CDC’s site and their guidance for people with disabilities.

I am happy that I am getting vaccinated and I hope all of you are staying safe during the pandemic.

About Madonna Long: Madonna works as a disability advocate to educate policymakers and congressional leaders on disability issues. She uses an Edge 3 Power Wheelchair for mobility. She is a mother to four children and lives life on her terms, despite a spinal cord injury. Click here to learn more about Madonna.

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