A Night at the Ballpark

Recently, I attended a baseball game between the Charlotte 49ers and the Appalachian State Mountaineers. I go to school at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and it was a lot of fun watching a live sporting event for the first time in months.

Entering the Stadium in my Narrow Wheelchair

The game took place at the brand-new Atrium Health Ballpark in Kannapolis, NC. It was a great experience made easier because of my Stretto narrow wheelchair with iLevel® technology.  Getting into the stadium was very easy thanks to iLevel. I elevated so I could scan my ticket. In the past, this has been a struggle. Now that I have elevation on my narrow wheelchair, I can reach easily. I entered the stadium and was pumped for some baseball.

Getting Food with iLevel

Before the game started, I wanted to get some food at the concession stands and have a good meal at the ballpark. iLevel on my Stretto narrow wheelchair allowed me to raise up and place my order. Once the food was ready, I put my drink in my cup holder and carry my food to my seat, which was an easy process. I ate a great meal as the game began.

Socializing at iLevel

Seeing friends at the game was something that I looked forward to the most. Being elevated at iLevel allowed us to have conversations without them bending down to talk to me. I talked to my friends at eye level and didn’t worry about being looked down on. We enjoyed the game together without any hassle.

Accessible Seating at the Park

My seats had a great view and were also power wheelchair accessible. Elevating my power wheelchair at 12 inches allowed me to see over people’s heads in the seats in front of me. My power wheelchair makes watching sporting events easier and takes away the strain of trying to see over taller people.

The game was a great one! The Charlotte 49ers come out on top, beating the Mountaineers with a score of 15 to 5. The bats were red hot for the niners and it was great cheering on my university to a fantastic win. After a long pandemic, watching a sporting event was one of the best things I had done in months.

The game was a lot of fun and my team came out on top! The biggest thing that I took away from this adventure is that I can do anything with iLevel. At the game, I was given a new sense of independence and did many things I couldn’t do in the past. I am forever grateful for the iLevel function on my Stretto power wheelchair because it has made my life so much easier. I am excited to see what other events I can go to in the coming months.

About Bryson Foster: Bryson is a Friend of Quantum and lives in North Carolina. He advocates and raises funds for the development of treatments for muscular dystrophy. He loves sports and cheers for his favorite basketball team, the North Carolina Tar Heels.

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