Selecting a Cushion for Your Client

Clinicians and ATPs often face the challenge of selecting the right product. When I first started out as a clinician, it was difficult knowing where to begin, with all the options that exist in the market today. When we look at cushions, it seems like they are all essentially the same, made of foam andContinue reading “Selecting a Cushion for Your Client”

Social Distancing with Interactive Assist

During these challenging times with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to maintain social distancing while evaluating a client’s electric wheelchair. Stay safe and reduce trips to a client’s home by using Quantum’s diagnostic app, Interactive Assist! What is Interactive Assist? Interactive Assist is the must-have app for remote service. The app provides a direct, real-timeContinue reading “Social Distancing with Interactive Assist”

Is the Edge 3 Stretto® Right for Your Client?

Therapists have been asking for a power base that offers exceptional maneuverability in small spaces. Quantum Rehab® has the solution! The Edge 3 Stretto® is the narrowest power base in America. It has an overall width of 20.47 inches with 12.5-inch drive wheels. If you have a client that lives in a small apartment, condoContinue reading “Is the Edge 3 Stretto® Right for Your Client?”

Advocacy: Turn Up the Volume

As a rehab product specialist, I wear many hats in my role representing Quantum in my territory, which includes Maryland, Washington D.C., and northern Virginia.  Being so close to Washington D.C., I assist our brand ambassadors at various events that take place in our nation’s Capitol throughout the year.  Madonna Long and Stephanie Woodward areContinue reading “Advocacy: Turn Up the Volume”

Wheel Life: College Checklist for Power Wheelchair Users

As their graduation date approaches, many high school students are busy preparing for college. From visiting campuses to filling out applications, students are deciding what major to pursue and where to spend the next two-to-four years of their lives. There are tons of things to consider when looking at colleges: academics, campus life, financial aid,Continue reading “Wheel Life: College Checklist for Power Wheelchair Users”