Is the Edge 3 Stretto® Right for Your Client?

Edge 3 Stretto with iLevel

Therapists have been asking for a power base that offers exceptional maneuverability in small spaces. Quantum Rehab® has the solution! The Edge 3 Stretto® is the narrowest power base in America. It has an overall width of 20.47 inches with 12.5-inch drive wheels. If you have a client that lives in a small apartment, condo or other narrow living quarters, the Edge 3 Stretto is the perfect narrow wheelchair for maneuvering through tight doorways and small spaces.

Other great features of the Stretto:

  • Overall width of 20.47 inches with 12.5-inch drive wheels
  • Equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension)
  • iLevel® option available with 12 inches of seat height up to 3.5 mph
  • Toolless removal of rear shroud with battery access door
  • Fender lights and USB charger included
  • New sleek back design available in 17 colors with toolless access to electronics

A Milestone for Pediatric Power

Therapists have been asking for a true pediatric power base. While existing Quantum bases can accommodate pediatric seating, the narrow width of the Stretto is ideal for children and teenagers.  The Edge 3 Stretto is compatible with TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems and offers a wide range of seating sizes, including pediatric sizes. Available options include power tilt, power recline, iLevel® power adjustable seat height, static seating, power articulating foot platform and Flex seating.

Not only is the Edge 3 Stretto fully customizable, it comes standard with fun, cool features that appeal to children and teenagers. The USB charger port enables electronic devices to be charged while on the go. From cell phones to tablets, your client can power his or her device when driving the Stretto. This pediatric power chair also comes with front and rear LED fender lights, allowing your client to see and be seen.

The Clinical Benefits of Independent SRS

The Edge 3 Stretto is equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), which offers increased shock absorption due to the angle of the shocks. Engineered from the ground up, the Stretto is the first mid-wheel drive Quantum power base with true independent suspension without using an articulating beam. The suspension creates a 30-45 percent improvement in ride quality as found through vibration testing. Optimized spring rates allow for maximum obstacle climbing and greater overall comfort. 

A smoother ride experience reduces environmental triggers for clients with spasticity. Transmission of surface inconsistencies through the suspension to the client is greatly decreased. This allows for better management of spasticity and tone. The Edge 3 Stretto is a mid-wheel drive power chair and this configuration ensures that any jolting forces are directly below the client, reducing any pain your client may feel.

Want to make sure that the Edge 3 Stretto is the right power chair for your client? Check out our order form today to see all available options on the Stretto!


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