My Awesome Experience at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl

Recently, I attended the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, N.C., at the Bank of America Stadium, which is home to the Carolina Panthers. I saw one of my favorite teams, the North Carolina Tarheels, take on the South Carolina Gamecocks in the battle of the Carolinas.

Riding the Light Rail with My Power Wheelchair

To get to the game, I rode the light rail, which starts at the University of North Carolina. I took the light rail to Charlotte and got off at the stop just down the street from the stadium. Getting on the light rail was easy. With the narrow width of my Stretto Power Wheelchair, I easily boarded the train and was out of the way of other passengers. The trip took about 30 minutes, my excitement continuing to build During the journey.

Driving My Power Chair Over Sidewalks

After getting off the light rail, the journey to the stadium was relatively easy and took about 15 minutes. I drove my motorized wheelchair while elevated at 12 inches. Navigating the sidewalks was a breeze and thanks to the independent SRS, my ride was very smooth.

Entering the Stadium and Ordering Food with iLevel

When I entered the stadium, I was screened by security. Because I was elevated, they could check my power chair quickly and easily. I had my tickets on my phone, so thanks to iLevel, the volunteers didn’t need to bend over to scan my ticket.

After entering, my friend and I went to find our seats, which were right inside the gate. The seats were fantastic and gave us a great view. We sat at the 50-yard line behind the North Carolina sidelines. The atmosphere was excellent, and I got to be around other fans rooting for our team to come out on top. Ordering at the concession stand would have been a struggle if it weren’t for my Stretto Power Chair with iLevel technology. I rolled right up to place my order and could grab the food quickly because I was at the same level as the cashier.

Watching the Game with iLevel Technology

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The crowd stood up multiple times during pivotal points of the game, and my power chair allowed me to rise with them, so I could see the action and participate. Before having iLevel technology, this wouldn’t have happened. Instead, I would have been watching the action on the scoreboard. Now, I don’t have this problem. Plus, I received many compliments about the revolutionary technology of my motorized wheelchair. Bowl Season has always been important to me and has molded me into the fan I am today. The Tarheels were unable to get the win, but it was a great experience anyway, one that allowed me to take part in my favorite sport: college football.

After the game, I went sightseeing in Charlotte. Exploring the city was an exciting experience. The ride back home was a fun one. It allowed me to wind down from a busy day filled with football and cheering for my favorite team. I am excited to go to another bowl game next season.

About Bryson Foster: Bryson is a Friend of Quantum and lives in North Carolina. He advocates and raises funds for the development of treatments for muscular dystrophy. He loves sports and cheers for his favorite basketball team, the North Carolina Tar Heels.

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