How I Learned to Eat Better with the Mediterranean Diet

One of my new year’s resolutions is to eat a Mediterranean meal for dinner 275 times this year. I know that 275 sounds pretty weird, but that’s about 75 percent of the time, which I think I can do. Anytime I try to go 100 percent on any sort of lifestyle change, I end upContinue reading “How I Learned to Eat Better with the Mediterranean Diet”

My List of Goals for the New Year

In 2022, I am looking forward to accomplishing many personal and professional achievements. In the new year, I want to better myself, and with the help of my Stretto Power Wheelchair with iLevel® technology, I know that anything is possible. Become a Better Journalist As an employee of the school-run newspaper on the campus ofContinue reading “My List of Goals for the New Year”

Why I Love Benefits Counseling

Many people geek out about their favorite tv show or book. As for me, I geek out about Social Security work incentives. I am a certified work incentives practitioner. Part of my job is to perform benefits counseling, helping people understand how work will impact their Social Security benefits. Work incentives encourage those who areContinue reading “Why I Love Benefits Counseling”

Why I Love My New Power Chair

It was time for me to get a new power wheelchair. My dad and I traveled three hours to Duryea, Pennsylvania, which is where Quantum’s headquarters is located. There waiting for us was my new Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair with iLevel® technology. The Color of My New Power Wheelchair My new Edge 3 Power WheelchairContinue reading “Why I Love My New Power Chair”

The Benefits of Technology When Transferring to a Medical Exam Table

Many of us who use wheelchairs find it very difficult to transfer in a medical setting, such as transferring to an exam table or MRI table. Quite often, these medical tables or equipment are too high for transferring from a manual or power wheelchair. This is where iLevel® technology comes in handy. How iLevel AidsContinue reading “The Benefits of Technology When Transferring to a Medical Exam Table”

My Awesome Experience at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl

Recently, I attended the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, N.C., at the Bank of America Stadium, which is home to the Carolina Panthers. I saw one of my favorite teams, the North Carolina Tarheels, take on the South Carolina Gamecocks in the battle of the Carolinas. Riding the Light Rail with My Power Wheelchair ToContinue reading “My Awesome Experience at the Duke’s Mayo Bowl”

How My Disability Affected My Holiday Plans This Year

The holidays are my favorite time of year. I love decorating, shopping for others and celebrating my family traditions, but my health had other plans this year. When I think about how my disability (cerebral palsy) impacts my everyday life, I often focus on the external barriers, such as inaccessibility and society’s view of disabilityContinue reading “How My Disability Affected My Holiday Plans This Year”

Why a Christmas Movie Marathon Weekend is So Important

Last year my friends and I started my new favorite holiday tradition. We call it Christmas Movie Marathon. It started last year, during the pandemic, because we were all terribly lonely, missing each other from the geographic distance between us and the isolation that COVID brought to us all. You see, we had all usedContinue reading “Why a Christmas Movie Marathon Weekend is So Important”

Taking a Look Back on My 2021 Resolutions

In early January, I told you about how much I love setting New Year’s Resolutions and some resolutions that I really enjoyed. My resolutions are usually measurable goals that I strive to accomplish throughout the year. I set goals in different categories, such as personal, professional, financial, and even joint resolutions that I share with myContinue reading “Taking a Look Back on My 2021 Resolutions”

How to be Your Own Self Advocate

I am an employment specialist who supports people with disabilities. The number one skill I work on with consumers is self advocacy. Self advocacy is speaking up for yourself. It means having the ability and information to get what you want or need to be successful. It’s understanding what rights you have, who can assistContinue reading “How to be Your Own Self Advocate”