See What’s on My Power Chair Wish List

Around this time every year, my family starts to ask me what items are on my wish list. They’re getting ready for their holiday shopping and want a bit of guidance from me on what I’d be excited to receive. Without fail, every year my mind goes blank and I suddenly cannot think of aContinue reading “See What’s on My Power Chair Wish List”

Finding a Pediatric Motorized Wheelchair

Does your child have a medical condition that affects his or her ability to walk? He or she may qualify for a pediatric motorized wheelchair. When you think of a wheelchair, you may think of heavy or large wheelchairs that are too big and bulky to maneuver. There are many pediatric wheelchair manufacturers that offerContinue reading “Finding a Pediatric Motorized Wheelchair”

Selecting a Cushion for Your Client

Clinicians and ATPs often face the challenge of selecting the right product. When I first started out as a clinician, it was difficult knowing where to begin, with all the options that exist in the market today. When we look at cushions, it seems like they are all essentially the same, made of foam andContinue reading “Selecting a Cushion for Your Client”

Wheelchair Cushions for a Narrow Wheelchair

If your child has a disability that affects his or her ability to move independently, a power chair may be a great solution to help him or him regain independence. Once you find the perfect wheelchair, there’s other things to consider. Is the wheelchair comfortable? Does it fit in your home? Can your child useContinue reading “Wheelchair Cushions for a Narrow Wheelchair”

Pediatric Wheelchair Cushions for Your Child

Are you curious about the benefits of pediatric wheelchair cushions? If your son or daughter uses a pediatric wheelchair, they may benefit from a pediatric wheelchair cushion. Do you want to get more information and aren’t sure where to begin? There are many different types of pediatric wheelchair cushions on the market. From positioning cushionsContinue reading “Pediatric Wheelchair Cushions for Your Child”

Now Stealth Products Cushions: Now Available

New Stealth Products® Cushions offer a variety of power chair seat cushions and seat backs to meet consumers’ pressure management, skin protection and positioning needs. To make the cushion selection process a little easier, Stealth Products Cushions are all marked with a color-coded PVC patch. The color of the patch identifies the function and HCPCContinue reading “Now Stealth Products Cushions: Now Available”

Cool Under Pressure: Stealth Products® Launches New Cushion Line

Stealth Products® today announced the launch of its new cushion line. The new cushions will feature a CoolCore® Technology cover standard on most models. CoolCore® is a chemical free, 4-way stretch material that offers, moisture wicking, moisture transportation, and moisture evaporation properties. The patented CoolCore® material is exclusive to Stealth Products and its new cushionContinue reading “Cool Under Pressure: Stealth Products® Launches New Cushion Line”