Great Tips for Using Your Power Chair When Announcing

As a PA announcer, I have many tips for announcing, especially while using my Stretto Power Wheelchair with iLevel® technology. My iLevel Power Chair has changed the game for me when it comes to announcing. So, I want to share with others how you can use your power wheelchair effectively when announcing sports, performing orContinue reading “Great Tips for Using Your Power Chair When Announcing”

Bryson Foster: Taking on the World

Bryson Foster is many things: a lover of sports, full-time college student, brand ambassador for Quantum Rehab®, to name a few. What is he most famous for? Bryson is the voice of Vex Robotics. What started as an after-school gig has turned into a passion over the last five years and Bryson has earned quiteContinue reading “Bryson Foster: Taking on the World”