Six Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Your Power Wheelchair

Valentine’s Day, or if you plan to celebrate with close friends, Galentine’s Day, is right around the corner. If you or your Valentine use a power wheelchair, there are plenty of activities to accompany your many love notes, candied hearts and teddy bears. Here are some of the top ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day withContinue reading “Six Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Your Power Wheelchair”

Romantic Nights Out with My Quantum Wheelchair

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Many of us are considering who we will ask to be our Valentine, or if you have someone already, you may be considering what is the perfect romantic or sentimental gift. Having been in a relationship that became a marriage, I have learned that showing your love to thoseContinue reading “Romantic Nights Out with My Quantum Wheelchair”

Celebrating Valentine’s Day During COVID

It’s officially February, so you know what that means. It’s time to start planning your Valentine’s Day! Whether you are single, dating or married, there is a lot of pressure on making Valentine’s Day romantic, magical and unforgettable. Of course, COVID-19 has really put a wrench in potential celebrations on February 14. Nothing screams romanceContinue reading “Celebrating Valentine’s Day During COVID”