Fun Activities on My Summer Bucket List

As the summer quickly draws to a close, I and my husband realized a few days ago that we haven’t done even half of our summer bucket list. Every year since we tied the knot, my hubby and I have made a list of things that are reasonably affordable and memorable. This bucket list getsContinue reading “Fun Activities on My Summer Bucket List”

Concerts, Ice Cream and More! My Summer Bucket List

Can you believe it is already summer? I know summer does not officially until June 20 but in my book, summer starts June 1. Fall may be my favorite season, but summer has some of my favorite things to do. Due to the pandemic over the last two years, summers have not been the same.Continue reading “Concerts, Ice Cream and More! My Summer Bucket List”

Jesse Cuellar: My Summer Bucket List

This summer is going to be amazing because we’ll finally be getting back to living more normally. We are finally, slowly (and I say it again slowly) opening back up to the point where we can be outside and participate in normal activities. I look forward to being outside and active as much as possible.Continue reading “Jesse Cuellar: My Summer Bucket List”