Meet My New Kitten, Billy!

In July 2022, we got a new addition to our family: a little, four-month-old baby kitten named Billy. My brother and I have been wanting a little kitty for over five years. While my dad was completely on board, my mom wasn’t. Caring for a disabled child is a lot of work in itself. OnContinue reading “Meet My New Kitten, Billy!”

Attending an Awesome Anime Convention in My Stretto Wheelchair

It’s been a busy time for me! Between sewing costumes and trying to find downtime in between, I feel like I haven’t been able to catch a break. I would say, though, these are worthy expenses for what I have been preparing for! We attended our first anime convention since 2019. The pandemic caused aContinue reading “Attending an Awesome Anime Convention in My Stretto Wheelchair”