My Favorite Features in My New Accessible Sewing Room

For the past two months, my partner and I have been slowly plugging away on moving things around in our house. One of the projects that we’ve been doing is setting up my wheelchair friendly sewing room! What exactly makes my room wheelchair friendly? Aside from being on the first floor of our house, myContinue reading “My Favorite Features in My New Accessible Sewing Room”

Looking Towards a Better 2022

I am so excited to have left 2021 behind and work towards a better 2022 for myself! I want to share with you what some of my big plans are! First off, as it’s by far the one I am most excited about, I will finally start working on my accessible sewing room at theContinue reading “Looking Towards a Better 2022”

How My Love for Sewing Empowers Me

Sewing is something that has always been an interest of mine from a very young age. Almost everyone on my mother’s side of the family sewed or use to sew, at some point. I remember seeing both my aunt and my mother use my great grandmother’s old sewing machine. I believe that was the firstContinue reading “How My Love for Sewing Empowers Me”

What I Am Most Thankful for This Year

These past almost two years have been pretty rough for everyone but for me, this year was especially challenging. As the end of the year nears, instead of focusing on all the negative things that have affected me and many others, I wanted to talk about some of the things that have had a positiveContinue reading “What I Am Most Thankful for This Year”