A Day in the Life of a Quadriplegic

A day in the life of a quadriplegic can be a lot of work but it can also be fun, as you find ways to live your life. Here’s what a typical day is like for me with my spinal cord injury. Living as a Quadriplegic: How I Start My Day My day begins whenContinue reading “A Day in the Life of a Quadriplegic”

Qualifying Diagnoses and Narrow Motorized Wheelchairs

If you were recently diagnosed with a medical condition that affects your mobility, you may qualify for complex rehab equipment. More serious medical conditions, such as ALS, muscular dystrophy and other diagnoses, may require specialized equipment designed to meet functional and medical needs. A narrow motorized wheelchair, such as the Edge 3 Stretto®, can acceptContinue reading “Qualifying Diagnoses and Narrow Motorized Wheelchairs”

A Narrow Wheelchair to Meet Your Mobility Needs

If you have a disability that affects your mobility, Quantum offers complex rehab power wheelchairs to meet your medical and quality-of-life needs. Complex rehab power wheelchairs are specialized equipment, customized with different components that help you remain mobile and independent. If you have been recently diagnosed or are living with conditions such as multiple sclerosis,Continue reading “A Narrow Wheelchair to Meet Your Mobility Needs”

Narrow Wheelchairs for Quadriplegia

Quadriplegia is partial or total paralysis or loss of use of all four limbs and the torso caused by an illness or injury. Typically, both sensation and control are lost. Muscles may be flaccid or spastic. Individuals living with quadriplegia can use a narrow wheelchair to help maximize independence and mobility. The Edge 3 Stretto™Continue reading “Narrow Wheelchairs for Quadriplegia”