My Quantum Power Wheelchair Helps Me Be Successful

A large part of my life is filled with working in the office. I strive to be a vital asset to any organization in which I am a member. So, when my life drastically changed due to an autoimmune issue that left me unable to walk, I had to relearn how to navigate almost everyContinue reading “My Quantum Power Wheelchair Helps Me Be Successful”

Why You Need a Quantum Power Wheelchair with iLevel

In today’s world, there are so many options out there for power wheelchairs. It can be overwhelming! Here some reasons why I think you should get a Quantum Power Wheelchair with iLevel® technology. My Quantum Power Wheelchair is Custom Built Quantum cares about the quality of their products. Each chair is custom built, so youContinue reading “Why You Need a Quantum Power Wheelchair with iLevel”

We Need More Disabled Parking Spaces

Recently, I encountered a challenge in parking my accessible van. I had to circle a parking lot that had a bunch of wheelchair accessible parking spots, but none were available. Are there enough handicap parking spots? Do businesses offer enough disabled parking and wheelchair-accessible spaces? Is it even up to the business or is itContinue reading “We Need More Disabled Parking Spaces”

My Quantum Power Wheelchair is a Great Tool

I often get asked about the differences between using a manual wheelchair compared to using a power chair. I use both very frequently. So, here are the benefits of each and how my Quantum Power Wheelchair serves as a tool. The Benefits of a Manual Wheelchair When I Travel When I need to travel, it’sContinue reading “My Quantum Power Wheelchair is a Great Tool”

How to Educate Businesses on Accessibility

When living with a disability, you often face challenges when it comes to access in public places. Your local parks and government buildings will be 100 percent accessible. Sometimes, local restaurants are accessible but not fully ADA compliant. For example, you might encounter some places where everything is on one floor and there is plentyContinue reading “How to Educate Businesses on Accessibility”

Some Common Questions People Ask About My Power Chair

A lot of people think my Edge® 3 Power Chair is cool and have never seen anything like it. They are amazed that I can be up high up, elevated at iLevel. They talk about how it’s more comfortable to speak to me when I am elevated at their level. When talking to people aboutContinue reading “Some Common Questions People Ask About My Power Chair”

Some Questions I Get About My Edge 3 Power Chair with iLevel

You would think in this day and age, people would be used to seeing wheelchairs. With so many products out there, from manual chairs to mid-level power chairs to full-on power chairs, yet people still tend to stop and stare when they see one. Sometimes, they even ask questions about our wheelchairs. In my case,Continue reading “Some Questions I Get About My Edge 3 Power Chair with iLevel”

Meet My New Kitten, Billy!

In July 2022, we got a new addition to our family: a little, four-month-old baby kitten named Billy. My brother and I have been wanting a little kitty for over five years. While my dad was completely on board, my mom wasn’t. Caring for a disabled child is a lot of work in itself. OnContinue reading “Meet My New Kitten, Billy!”

Three Reasons Why I Use My Stretto Power Chair

There’s many different medical conditions that people can have. They may rely on wheelchairs for independence, function, safety, and quality of life. Personally, I am a power wheelchair user for three different reasons. Here are some ways my Stretto with iLevel® technology helps me in my daily life. My Stretto Helps Me Conserve Energy The firstContinue reading “Three Reasons Why I Use My Stretto Power Chair”

Household Hacks for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities live in worlds (and often houses) that were not designed with them in mind. Out of what can be frustration and clunky attempts to make things work, emerges creative solutions, sometimes in the form of life hacks that make day-to-day tasks a bit easier. I’m a disabled mom of three who worksContinue reading “Household Hacks for People with Disabilities”