Quantum Announces Launch of Edge 3 Stretto®

DURYEA, PA – Quantum Rehab® is excited to announce the launch of the new Edge 3 Stretto®, the narrowest power base in America. Quantum believes the Edge 3 Stretto will be a great fit for children, teenagers and smaller adults because of its narrow footprint. “Stretto” means narrow in Italian, and the Edge 3 StrettoContinue reading “Quantum Announces Launch of Edge 3 Stretto®”

Interactive Assist: Now Available

Interactive Assist from Quantum Rehab® is a new app which provides a direct real-time connection from a power chair’s electronics to a provider’s programming station. The connection provides the technician with full system and diagnostics information along with tools, such as a real-time mirror image of the power chair’s electronics display, to eliminate wasteful trips.Continue reading “Interactive Assist: Now Available”

New Armrests Now Available on All Non-HD Quantum® Power Chairs

New and improved flip-back armrests are now offered on all non-HD Quantum® Power Chairs. The new armrests offer a slim, stable design and are 20 percent lighter; single tool adjustment for width and height, fore and aft arm pad adjustment (10”, 14”, and 17” arm pad sizes); integrated wire routing; and a soft-release feature.