How to Host Parties and Celebrations During a Pandemic

It’s been 2 years since the pandemic began. We’re still adjusting for ways to be safe and have fun. Once I realized that COVID-19 wasn’t going away any time soon, I started to get creative. Here are some ideas of how you can show your family and friends how much you care about them onContinue reading “How to Host Parties and Celebrations During a Pandemic”

How My Disability Affected My Holiday Plans This Year

The holidays are my favorite time of year. I love decorating, shopping for others and celebrating my family traditions, but my health had other plans this year. When I think about how my disability (cerebral palsy) impacts my everyday life, I often focus on the external barriers, such as inaccessibility and society’s view of disabilityContinue reading “How My Disability Affected My Holiday Plans This Year”

Tips for Gift Giving at Christmas

The holidays are here! This time of year is awesome. People seem to be happier and kinder than usual. My favorite parts about Christmas are spending time with my family and giving gifts. For me, the gift giving is what I love most. I’m not big on receiving gifts. I mean, it’s nice to receiveContinue reading “Tips for Gift Giving at Christmas”

Why a Christmas Movie Marathon Weekend is So Important

Last year my friends and I started my new favorite holiday tradition. We call it Christmas Movie Marathon. It started last year, during the pandemic, because we were all terribly lonely, missing each other from the geographic distance between us and the isolation that COVID brought to us all. You see, we had all usedContinue reading “Why a Christmas Movie Marathon Weekend is So Important”

Holiday Light Displays in South Carolina, New York and Florida

This year for the holidays, I was fortunate to spend a week in South Carolina, Florida and finally ended up back in New York. During my trip, I noticed a lot of houses were decorated for Christmas. Growing up, my parents and I would take rides around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. SometimesContinue reading “Holiday Light Displays in South Carolina, New York and Florida”

How to Create Some New Holiday Traditions

When I was younger, it seemed like we spent more time, sometimes days, decorating together as a family. As a kid, we spent time at my aunt and uncle’s house. Decorating for the holidays was a huge thing. We spent a weekend and had a blast putting up decorations and drinking hot apple cider. WeContinue reading “How to Create Some New Holiday Traditions”

See What’s on My Power Chair Wish List

Around this time every year, my family starts to ask me what items are on my wish list. They’re getting ready for their holiday shopping and want a bit of guidance from me on what I’d be excited to receive. Without fail, every year my mind goes blank and I suddenly cannot think of aContinue reading “See What’s on My Power Chair Wish List”

Planning a Safe and Accessible Thanksgiving

We’re all living a new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With Thanksgiving coming up, you may be unsure if you’ll be able to celebrate with your loved ones this year. Whether you live alone or with other people, there are still ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family, even if you can’tContinue reading “Planning a Safe and Accessible Thanksgiving”