Understanding Drive Wheel Configuration on a Quantum Power Wheelchair

When going through the process of selecting a new power chair, your therapist works alongside an ATP (Assistive Technology Professional), who works for your authorized Quantum dealer. Drive-wheel configuration is a major factor to consider. Working together, you, your therapist and the ATP can decide which Quantum power wheelchair is right for you.  Quantum powerContinue reading “Understanding Drive Wheel Configuration on a Quantum Power Wheelchair”

Narrow Wheelchairs and Drive Wheels

Every narrow electric wheelchair has drive wheels! Did you know that there are different drive wheel configurations? There’s front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and of course, mid-wheel drive. Each type of drive-wheel configuration has its benefits. So, which type is right for you? We recommend speaking to your physical therapist and the ATP (Assistive Technology Professional)Continue reading “Narrow Wheelchairs and Drive Wheels”