Disabled Women Make History (and Art!)

To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Olmstead, my organization, Disability EmpowHer Network, collaborated with Toledo Museum of Art and the Ohio Olmstead Taskforce to create a really cool new event called Disabled Women Make History (and Art): A Celebration of the 23rd Anniversary of the Olmstead Decision! This fantastic event took place in the GlassContinue reading “Disabled Women Make History (and Art!)”

My Experience Hosting the Webinar, ‘Disabled Women Make History’

On March 9, I had the pleasure of moderating an incredible panel for a webinar hosted by the Reeve Foundation and Disability EmpowHer Network. The webinar, called Disabled Women Make History, was a panel discussion with three extraordinary women living with paralysis, Curran Brown, Liz Persaud, and fellow Quantum Ambassador Jill Moore. I was honoredContinue reading “My Experience Hosting the Webinar, ‘Disabled Women Make History’”

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Since 1987, Women’s History Month has been observed annually during the month of March. We celebrate and honor women’s contributions to history, science, culture and society. It’s important to mention that women should be celebrated every day of the year, not just during March. Read on for some great content that pays tribute to manyContinue reading “Celebrating Women’s History Month”