Being Disabled and in Love

Love, dating and relationships are hot topics in and outside the disability community. There are many questions, concerns and emotions conveyed, but the bottom line is that people with disabilities are worthy of love just like anyone else. I met my fiancé while in high school. Before him, I never wanted to date another disabledContinue reading “Being Disabled and in Love”

Dating Tips Written by Wheelchair Users

Arguably, life has gotten easier with technology. However, it doesn’t make every aspect of life easier. Although meeting someone online is as simple as signing up for an app or website, it takes more than creating an account to make a genuine connection. Dating still requires you to put yourself out there and get toContinue reading “Dating Tips Written by Wheelchair Users”

Dating in a Wheelchair 101

The dating world isn’t always easy. Dating with a disability adds another layer to the already complicated task of finding love. Whether you prefer to hit the bar scene or use online dating apps, questions about your disability will come up. Although now happily married, Quantum Consumer Advocate Stewart Lundy has some advice to shareContinue reading “Dating in a Wheelchair 101”